Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Im, Back!

Hello interweb, it has been a while, a few day's over two years to be precise.
I used this blog to help me quit smoking and ramble on to save my friends and family having to listen to my inane ramblings.
Well I am 4 years smoke free now but still ramble and generally behave like a grumpy old man.
A lot has happened since we last interacted, New car, semi retirement, the closing down of that damn facebook account. Seriously the most refreshing thing I have done in years was to close that damn thing down.
I have been in a couple of clans on the PlayStation but am currently running solo as a mercenary.
Looking forward to Black ops 3 beta this month, hopefully it will play well and Bev gets a good connection on it as well as I have missed gaming with the grumpy old badger.
That said Advanced warfare has been playing OK for me since purchasing the Netduma R1 router, more about that later as I will be writing a quick review of said item now that I have been living and gaming with it for around 6 months. Been generally blowing stuff up and team killing or getting team killed with Knuckles Whiteknight and Kaosdwarf.
Another up coming review will be for the Scuf 4PS which I am currently waiting delivery of, it will be with me some time today. I must say I am actually impressed with Scuf Europe as I didn't pay for Express 24 hour delivery but that is how they have sent it, I'm guessing because it was a day overdue from their published lead times on build check and delivery.
In other news the office has been turned into a full on man cave Mission Control type of thing complete with Sony Bravia, Gaming Chair (with surround sound built in)  and wine rack. What more does a retired grumpy old badger need? Oh yes, a white fluffy cat to sit on my knee and be stroked as I take over the world.

And so we come to the last section of today's post where in time honoured tradition I will impart a load of bollocks from my over thinking brain,
Dark energy makes up around 75% of our universe, the more dark energy there is the more is created to fill the gaps.

Nothing exists in a vacuum but dark energy, so nothing is taking over the universe.
Dark energy is different to dark matter. This introduces the theory of dark flow, dark flow is a phenomenon that makes galaxies move in a manner that we cannot understand, unless there is another universe that acts upon our own.
Based on the theory of inflation this could make sense.
And people wonder why I have no social skills,
Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

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