Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Crashes, Eclipses and Upcoming Games!!!

Good afternoon interweb, I trust all is fine in the world of zero's and one's.
I have had an interesting few days which have left me somewhat tired and a little broken to be honest.
I was working Friday evening into Saturday morning and on my way back to base in the Doctors car I had a bit of a coming together with a car full of students.
You see it's freshers week here and we have once again been swarmed by thousands of teenagers on their real first time away from mummy and daddy.
The small compact VW (emissions tests aside) with the 4 students in decided that they were travelling in the wrong direction and would jolly well do a U turn and go back in the opposite direction.
However sat in her "blind spot" Was a 2 ton White Land Rover with Green flashing lights on top and High visibility stickers all over it.
As she made the turn I had nowhere to go so I hit her setting off airbags and making lots of lovely crunching and grinding sounds. Also making the VW that bit more compact.
Unfortunately some of those sounds were coming from my back and neck.
After making sure everybody was Ok which they were I arranged recovery of vehicle and went home for pain killers and vino.
On a better note I was fortunate enough to stay awake long enough to witness and photograph the lunar eclipse of a super moon, which was a stunning sight to be honest and something which will not be seen again for some time.

For those that are interested the red colour comes from all the shite in our atmosphere and this event occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon are in perfect alignment so that the earth comes between the Sun and the Moon and the Moon spends a little time in the Earths shadow.

And so now onto my views of the latest festival of games that are close to release.
It is going to be an expensive holiday season this time with many different titles trying to grab you attention and hard earned cash.
Fallout4, Star Wars Battlefront, Call of Duty Black Ops 3, Rainbow 6 and Halo 5 and Uncharted  to mention just a few.
Weighing in at and average of around £44.00 -£50.00 per release just for standard editions that makes for an expensive time.
I am sure that the fact many of the companies releasing these games are also doing a beta is no coincidence, but they could have shot themselves in the foot.
The Blops3 beta for instance had a negative impact on me personally and I have toyed with the idea of cancelling my pre order but the Rainbow 6 was enjoyable but I have to think that the game play may become stale too quickly.
Star Wars battlefront is up next Thursday for a few days so hopefully that will be great and I can order that up to.
I think that COD will still be the best seller simply from the point of view that people enjoy gaming together and if that is what your friends are playing then you're gonna have to get it as well.
There are still plenty of people playing previous Cod's and I am sure that it will sell well.
I will be very interested to see how these games play on final release through my Netduma R1 router as I am sure are many owners.
There is an upgrade coming soon to the router which should dampen down jitter and spikes on the connection and this hopefully will help with game play and those frustrating moments.
The upgrade is free but the devs are ironing out some bugs at the minute which to be honest I have no problem with. The R1 does exactly what it says on the tin and any upgrade for me is a bonus.
Just a shame some people seem to feel it is their God given right to have it NOW or they will throw a tantrum like a a small child.
Anyhow interweb I have an appointment with a doctor shortly, Not a Doctor called shortly you understand just a Doctor in a short length of time.
And so I will leave you with this,
" The wages of sin are death, but by the time taxes are taken out, it's just sort of a tired feeling."
and I haven't the slightest idea how to change people, but I still keep a long list of prospective candidates just in case I should ever figure it out.

Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

ipads, cardigans and pissing !!!

Good morning interweb, I know it's early but the little darlings from next door seem to think it is fine to charge around the place at 90 miles an hour screaming their frill off at the top of their lungs with no interference from their parents.
The house is sold and I will dance around the garden with glasses of champagne as they load up the removals truck.
People have said that you don't know what the new neighbours will be like but to be honest we have had 3 students living there before and even they made less noise.
Sunday was all a bit of a strange experience for me, you see i have put off buying an ipad for years now saying how they are a waste of money etc etc and I cannot do half the things I need to do on an ipad that I need to do.
But since my wife took over my laptop after hers refused to work anymore, I discovered that now my 46 year old ass is pretty much retired I don't actually need a laptop that often!!!.
So it was after a little research that I dispatched myself off to John Lewis to purchase an ipad mini2.
It wasn't until I had parked the car in a designated disabled bay (yes I am that broken, my misspent youth catching up on me) and I was walking towards John Lewis that I thought "what a sight I am to behold" 46 years young limping along in combat trousers and Guns n Roses t-shirt and a cardigan with leather elbow pads and big buttons on the front. A fucking CARDIGAN for heavens sake, when did I start wearing fucking cardigans?
Upon reaching the 3rd bloody floor of John Lewis I got talking to a sales person and explained that I had seen the mini2 at £259.00 and would they price match to which he replied yes. I then proceeded to explain that I had seen the Griffin survivor case for £30.74 in the BT shop and would he price match this too as I keep all my tech in these cases as they are pretty much bomb proof.
Ahhh he said we only price match things that are in actual shops.
"yes I replied, it is in an actual shop, the BT shop"
"Ahhh but that is only online" he replied all cock sure.
"No it isn't there is one in meadowhall and one in Rotherham and if you are not going to price match it I will buy both items from Meadowhall"
It was at this point that he back pedalled rather quickly and I saved myself £40.00 on the whole deal.
Anyway interweb I digress, I was pissing and moaning earlier about my age. Pissing being the topic at hand to be honest. Iain from Netduma is approaching his 30th birthday and bemoaning this mile stone. All I have to say to him is enjoy it whilst it lasts mate.
As you reach 40 for some reason your body seems to think that it requires massive amounts of nose and ear hair to sprout forth at an alarming rate and as you turn 45-46 ish you know you are old.
3 hours after you go to bed you need to get up to go for a piss, and this takes longer than normal because just as you think your done and ready to pop Alf back in your shorts a bit more needs to come out, then a bit more. For fucks sake.
Anyway interweb a bit of good news is on the gaming front it was confirmed on something I was reading yesterday that Star ars Battlefront will allow you to "seamlessly switch from 3rd person to 1st person on the fly. So it looks like that will be ordered along with Black Ops 3 as I fear Black Ops 3 will end up getting recycled very quickly after playing the beta unless it is vastly improved upon.
Last night I watched a programme about GTA and the battle between its makers the ESRB rating people and some lawyer who was against all these violent video games.
It was on BBC2 for those who are interested and I am sure it will be on iplayer.
The long and short of it was about some kid who basically shot 3 police officers and kind of blamed video games for his acts.
I call bollocks on the whole video games make you kill people thing, small children shouldn't be playing an 18 or 17 rated game anyway and bad parenting isn't an excuse either.
If a teenager is going to kill 3 police officers steal their car and make a run for it I personally think that there are bigger issues going on there than playing video games.
Anyhow interweb I have to go and have a look at today's racing card as I am £70.00 up in the last 3 days and I intend to try and double that by Friday.
So here is a photograph of the view from the back of my house just after sunset last night.
Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

Monday, 7 September 2015

Disks, Scuf and Complex Carbohydrates!!!

Good afternoon interweb, I have not been around for a few days due to injury.....again...... The consensus of several professional doctor types is that having had 2 herniated disks in my lower spine that have been operated on my neck is now feeling left out and has decided it wants to have a bit of attention as well. DOH!
I guess crawling around beneath Thumper painting an under body treatment for this coming winter on her underside didn't really help matters but it did save me over £500.00 and so as a Yorkshireman I will call that a result.
Well I have been the proud owner of a Scuf 4PS controller now for about a month and said that I would report back as to how it is holding up.
Well it is holding up very well indeed and I am totally loving gaming with it.
There are no gaps appearing at the seals and the only paint that is coming off is where my KF extender on the right stick hits the top of the controller but even then it is not that apparent.

I haven't been online for a couple of nights now since AW dropped the new map pack as trying to find games was becoming increasingly more difficult.
So not much to report or write about to be honest with you but I did have a few thoughts the other day and one of them was about Bankers. 
Yes Bankers and banking...... with a letter "B"
You see the way I figure it is this, if I wanted a bank loan the bank would decide on the interest rate it would charge me based on my credit rating and risk factor.
Fair enough, so why can I not get interest on my savings based on the performance of the bank I have my savings in?  Things that make you go Hmmm.
Another thing I have been reading about recently after the Black Ops 3 Beta is that people are still bleating on about throttling connections to beat lag compensation!!!
Throttling your connection to beat lag compensation is like feeding complex carbohydrates to simple people. 
And finally for today, maybe it is just me and maybe I am actually losing it but does Andy Murray look like The Predator or not?

 I think his mother had a sordid affair with a Predator and he is the result. 

Peace out Yall, THE BAGSTAXXX