Monday, 7 September 2015

Disks, Scuf and Complex Carbohydrates!!!

Good afternoon interweb, I have not been around for a few days due to injury.....again...... The consensus of several professional doctor types is that having had 2 herniated disks in my lower spine that have been operated on my neck is now feeling left out and has decided it wants to have a bit of attention as well. DOH!
I guess crawling around beneath Thumper painting an under body treatment for this coming winter on her underside didn't really help matters but it did save me over £500.00 and so as a Yorkshireman I will call that a result.
Well I have been the proud owner of a Scuf 4PS controller now for about a month and said that I would report back as to how it is holding up.
Well it is holding up very well indeed and I am totally loving gaming with it.
There are no gaps appearing at the seals and the only paint that is coming off is where my KF extender on the right stick hits the top of the controller but even then it is not that apparent.

I haven't been online for a couple of nights now since AW dropped the new map pack as trying to find games was becoming increasingly more difficult.
So not much to report or write about to be honest with you but I did have a few thoughts the other day and one of them was about Bankers. 
Yes Bankers and banking...... with a letter "B"
You see the way I figure it is this, if I wanted a bank loan the bank would decide on the interest rate it would charge me based on my credit rating and risk factor.
Fair enough, so why can I not get interest on my savings based on the performance of the bank I have my savings in?  Things that make you go Hmmm.
Another thing I have been reading about recently after the Black Ops 3 Beta is that people are still bleating on about throttling connections to beat lag compensation!!!
Throttling your connection to beat lag compensation is like feeding complex carbohydrates to simple people. 
And finally for today, maybe it is just me and maybe I am actually losing it but does Andy Murray look like The Predator or not?

 I think his mother had a sordid affair with a Predator and he is the result. 

Peace out Yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

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