Friday, 14 August 2015

Meteors, Movement and Meatfeast pizza.

Hello interweb, good to see you are still here, well I think it is good anyway. Having conversations with inanimate entities may not be good according to some I am sure but to hell with it, I am 46 you know.
46 and regressing, I have noticed with a small amount of alarm that the older I get the more childlike I become. I think this only affects the male of the species too.
When you see children they have a habit of saying things like my name is blah blah and I am 6 and three quarters. I have taken to telling people how old I am......again...... Ill soon be pissing my pants and being spoon fed again before to long no doubt so I guess I better make the most of my ability to dribble, I mean drivel on.
Well an entertaining few days for me this week to be honest. I put up a review about the Netduma R1 router which got tweeted about by Drift0r, ( a big name in the gaming community for those that don't game) who has an insanely cute dog and the traffic to that blog post went through the roof.
There was the annual Perseid meteor shower which I try to capture every year and usually manage to capture one meteor no matter how long I stay out.
This years was a very good show and in about 90 minutes I must have seen over 100 meteors. Managed to capture 1 with the camera. lol. Its like they take the piss. You point your camera in one direction the they fly across the sky everywhere that the camera is not pointing. So you move the camera and just as you do one flys over where it was pointing. lol.
Still got a few other nice shots of the sky at night.

In other news the forthcoming beta for Black Ops 3 is just around the corner and I am looking forward to it very much. Mostly because playing Advanced Warfare even with my trusty R1 is becoming more and more painful with each passing day.
I watched a youtube video earlier about the movement mechanics which can be seen here
Looking like a bit of practice is gonna be called for but looking good.
A few bits of the new game are looking a bit worrying but we will see what happens after the beta which is in my opinion a very good idea.
I think waw was the last time they had a beta in Call of Duty, I may be wrong but if it helps identify a few problems before launch it can only be good.
I am still annoyed that there are still to many glitch spots on AW that have not been fixed yet but they still manage to produce micro downloadable content to milk as much out of the now dead cow that AW was, has been and is.
And so to this evening and weekend, well tonight and Saturday night at least. Home alone in mission control and so I am going to try out a new theory of weight control.
I spoke earlier in the week about trees falling in forrests etc and quantum physics stating that the tree or forrest may not actually even be there.
With that in mind tonight and Saturday night (science says that you have to be able to replicate an experiment) I intend to order a large meat feast pizza from dominoes. Theory goes that if nobody is around to watch me eat all those calories, do they actually exist?
I will report my findings.
Well I shortly have an appointment with SatIAN my personal trainer who I am sure will teach me how to sit and fetch before I know it followed by a trip to the dentist to check on those gnasheres before undertaking the calorie experiment.


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