Monday, 24 August 2015

Blops 3 beta problems, PS controller button remapping and tolerance!!!!

Hello again interweb, another Monday has hoaved into view and to be honest I am feeling pretty "meh" about it.
Between going to a wedding dropping off people at airports and all the usual weekend crap I have been trying to get a few games of the black ops 3 beta in with friends.
Trying is the word here, I have played game beta releases before but this a couple of months out from actual release has to be the worst I have experienced.
Playing solo the lag, rubber banding etc spawn trapping, frame drops and  400+ms ping spikes simply make the game unplayable for me and many others on my friends list.
The first couple of days of the beta the game was playing OK and was actually a bit of fun but in the last 48 hours it has gone to total shite, and yes that is a technical term.
Try to join friends to have a few games as for me gaming is a social thing, well you can just forget that.
All Nat open chatting away in PS4 chat lobby form a party no games found, change party leader reboot everything still no dice.
 In the space of 90 minutes we managed to get into 2 games where the rubber banding was so bad it took nearly 30 seconds to get from the spawn point to the nearest capture point on Domination.
I was going to ask my wife to hold my monitor and shake it about a bit to try and cancel things out but she has buggered off home to Ireland for a week. DOH!!!.
So back to Advanced warfare it was, or wasn't as the case happened to be.
All emblems and emblem editor tools appear to have been removed from the game for all players.
Finding games solo was no problem but as we found with the Black ops beta connecting with friends to find a game, no lobbies found.
Chat working fine and could play private matches despite been host and having a 3 bar connection..... in a private match..... WTF?
There is a common theme to all these problems this weekend and that is Activision.
 I am guessing they need to order another load of servers from Walmart to try to fix the issues or maybe order some better ones to try and resolve these issues.
I am hoping when this beta thing ends I can resume gaming with friends again.
I other news I have been gaming with my new Scuf nearly 3 weeks now and I am loving it.
 No issues at all yet. all functions still working as they should, no paint chipping off and no casing gaps appearing. Thumb sticks and levers all still operating the way they should and at just over £100.00 for it I must say I am happy they are.
A friend pointed me towards some settings in the PS4 menu's that he uses to effectively make his standard PS controller into a poor mans scuff.
The settings I didn't even know existed and if I didn't I am sure there may be a few others who are not aware them either.
It is a button mapping / configuration setting in the menu's. Not default or tactical but actual button remapping type thing.

To find this menu on PS4 go to settings - Accessibility - enable custom button assignments - custom button assignments.
This enables you to make R3 jump for example meaning that you do not need to remove your thumb from the sticks to jump or slide or go prone etc
Not as good as a scuff but certainly a lot cheaper option.

So in conclusion to today's post I would just like  to make the following observation to which I am sure many of you are fully aware and that is that,
 "Good things come to those who wait, but shit turns up right away"
This includes for me the next update for my much loved Netduma R1, take your time guys and get it right. :)
Oh and one other thing I have come to realise this weekend is that as I get older i find my tolerance for bloody idiots is closing in on zero whilst my ability not to lose my patience is getting better.
This is causing an imbalance in the force.

Right then grumpy badger needs feeding so peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXXX

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