Friday, 21 August 2015

Black Ops 3 Beta, First Impressions.

Hello again interweb, I have spent a frustrating couple of days trying to get a few games on the Black Ops 3 beta. It would appear by searching your ether that quite a few people are having a spot of bother as well.
First off the pause trick I mentioned a couple of blog posts ago worked a treat reducing the 15GB 9 hour download time to 1 hour and 9 minutes.
When I fired the game up and played a few games the first thing that struck me was the horrible graphics. Not as bad as Black ops 1 but not much better in fact it felt very much like playing a slightly revitalised version of Black ops 1. The audio announcements etc and general feel of the game play. It certainly doesn't feel next gen or worth the price tag either.
I know this is not the finished version and only a beta but to be honest they have a lot of work to do to polish this game in time for release.
Even with the R1 the game is a little bit laggy and when turning off the geo filter connecting to a USA host from the UK the lag was horrendous, Even Advanced Warfare doesn't have lag that bad.
The inbuilt ping meter seems to be a bit off as well.
The specialist thing doesn't bother me that much but I do thing the sparrow exploding arrow thing needs a tweak, in my experience it doesn't even need to be aimed to blow people up, almost as if the hit box surrounding a player is tripled.
The mic mute all but party has to be reset after every game which it shouldn't but this shouldn't be a problem if you have ps4 chat room set up but alas I could not test this as the game would not let me join friends to have a few games in the same party.
Team balancing needs a look at as well as on the few games I have managed to get they have been very unbalanced as in level 16-24 on one team and 3-11 on the other.
The return to the 3 lane map design has brought an influx of lay down and aim down sights back and a lot of players playing Domination games like TDM, I mean anybody who plays a full game of Domination can get at least 2 captures,
 Apparently not but 34 kills 27 deaths 0 captures and 1 defend seems to be no problem. Not a new thing I know but a pet hate, go play TDM please.
The streaks that I have either been on the end of or called in myself seem to be OK with the exception of the Hellstorm missile or whatever it is called. That thing destroys the entire map.
So it seems that on my limited time with the game (despite my efforts to get more games in) that I do not like the game, actually despite all my grumbling about the game it is actually fun.
The games I have had even when I have been getting my ass kicked have been fun. Normally I play hardcore so core is a bit of a change for me but the few games I have managed to get I have enjoyed.
With that said you know the game is a Beta and needs a fair bit more work doing on it when you load up Advanced Warfare  and really really enjoy the games with no bitching at all about it's issues.


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