Sunday, 16 August 2015

Battlefront, Boobs and 10 Billion $.

Watcha interweb, how's it hanging?
This evening as I wait for a roast joint to finish cooking, well about half a pig to be honest, I wanted to ramble on about a few things that have recently caught my attention.
The first is the fact that the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront game from Dice/EA will not have a single player campaign to play through.

Peter Moore one of the head chaps over there said they will be placing their emphasis on the multi player aspect of the game.
"Very few people actually play the single player on these kind of games, that's what the data points to"
Really Peter, what about when the PSN or MSN goes down Peter, what then? What then Peter?

Another thing that caught my attention this week was Boobs, Probably like it caught your attention in the title. To be more precise the boobs belonging to Kate Upton, the front of, I mean the face of Game of War.
I have been taking "glamour" photographs for over 20 years now and have in a professional aspect seen a lot of boobs and I have to admit that Kate Upton does have very nice boobs. The fact that she is also very pretty and has lovely flowing blond hair probably helps to.

 I mean lets face they get your attention and as if proof were needed at all, the marketing campaign for "Game of War Fire Age" has cost a jaw dropping 40 Million $.
You have to think how that can be a good business decision until once again you discover that the game is making another jaw dropping 1 Million $ per day.
 This is a game you play on your mobile phone, for that money they could have made an A list title.
The feminists will get all upset about it I am sure but at the end of the day that is a lot of money.
 I mean lets face it if Kate Upton said to me "Come play with me" I am afraid I think my knees would buckle and I would probably feint never mind disclose my debit card details and pay out for micro transactions till I emptied my account.
 At the end of the day sex sells and it appears to be selling very well.
Here's another picture just in case you were not sure if it was sexy or not.

Anyway I am starting to drool now and it's making a mess of my keyboard so I sahlll try and lern how to spall agin and put my brains back in the correct home for them.
In other news I have noticed that the Advanced Warfare dedicated servers are really poor if you connect to certain ones.
It's like they bought them from Walmart or something, proper shitty. The one in the Netherlands and France have to be some of the worst I have played on. I hear the Seattle server is pretty bad too.
I mean before the release of Advanced Warfare Activision had made 10 Billion $ from the franchise. I know it costs a lot to make a game like Call of Duty but c'mon guys n gals, 10 Billion $. There has to be a bit more spare change down the back of your sofa's to pay for some decent servers.
I usually get put on either the server on the South coast of the UK or one of the aforementioned servers and the game play is so inconsistent even with my trusty R1.
Oh well the Black ops 3 beta is released later this week so get ready for the PSN store to crash and burn as everybody tries to download it at the same time.
Hopefully the beta will help them iron out any problems before release but we will have to see.
Anyway interweb I think I have half a pig knocking on my oven door so I shall bid you farewell.

Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

They really are nice boobs. ;)

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