Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Turtle Beach Stealth 500P Headphones, Death, Hell and Sluts.

Well here we are again interweb, I am soon going to have reviewed all the shit I own that is worth reviewing.
What then, go through my back catalogue of 30 years of glamour photographs I have had the pleasure of taking? Maybe not hey, just what you don't need interweb, more bums n boobs.
So what I am going to have a chat about today is my Turtle Beach EarForce Stealth 500P headphones.
When making any comparison I can only compare to my other Turtle Beach PX5's which are the only other set I currently own and still use.

I bought these headphones shortly after I picked up my PS4 as I found the chat cable I was having to connect to the controller from my PX5's annoying, I know, 1st world problems and all that.
They arrived in a very nicely packaged box and even I managed to assemble them with ease and got them plugged in and charging.
They come with a transmitter which you plug into one of the too few USB ports on the PS4 and then connect via a supplied cable to the digital optical port on the back of the PS4.

Once charged the set up is pretty straight forward but I will include a few details here in case you picked them up second hand. They will work with the settings set to HDMI output but to get the best out of them I have mine set up in the following way,
settings - Audio output settings
Primary Audio out = Digital optical port / Dolby 5.1ch
Audio Format Priority = Bit Stream Dolby.

Settings - Audio Devices
Input and output device = USB headset Earforce stealth 500p Chat
Output to headphones = Chat
Adjust mic level = follow on screen destruction's

Ok so now all that is done you're good to go.
Popping these on your head they are a snug fit but comfy and light, a lot lighter than my PX5's which you know you are wearing. It doesn't take long to naturally find the controls to adjust things.
Game volume and chat volume can be adjusted separately and there is a jack socket for external audio inputs such as PS vita, mobile phone or media player etc.
There is a mute button and a preset button also.
The presets will allow you to choose Bass boost, bass and treble boost, vocal boost or natural sound.
Having played around with these I just leave mine on natural sound.
Not as many presets as the PX5 but then they are a lot cheaper.
The 7.1 surround sound that the headset delivers is actually very good for the price and when playing games such as Ghosts as opposed to Advanced warfare you can very easily hear the enemy footsteps and reloads etc.
Forget it if you want to hear that on AW as no headset will let you do that very well with consistency in my experience.
The ear cups are comfy and breathable and after a while you don't even notice you are wearing a headset to be honest.
Other people might notice however as the Mic monitoring compared to my PX5's and a couple of other headsets I have owned is pretty poor. I still find myself shouting on occasions when in a party as my neighbours children learn yet more ways of how to express displeasure.
The battery life is fantastic and I only usually charge mine around once a week which doesn't take long.
The battery is built in and so saves you having to change them as you can just plug them in and keep playing. Compared to the PX5's which I had to change the batteries on pretty much 2 -3 times a week and that is a big plus.
When I bought mine about 8 months ago they were coming in at around the £99.00 mark but you can pick up a brand new set from Turtle Beach now for £79.99 and so imagine there are even better deals out there.
The build quality isn't as robust as I would like  for the price and my first set after around 6 months actually snapped at the ear cup adjustment. After a quick e-mail to Turtle Beach they were dispatched to the UK distributor and 7 days later a brand new boxed set of Headphones arrived with me which is great customer service.  Hopefully it was not a design fault, I will no doubt find out in about 4 months time.

All in all despite one set breaking on me I cannot fault the sound that they give out, they are very comfy and the battery life is fantastic. Much lighter than my PX5's and until I can afford the 800s and justify the upgrade I will be sticking with them.
Unless that is by any mahoooosive stroke of luck somebody at Turtle Beach reads this and want to have a moment of madness and send me a set free of charge........ Meanwhile back at the ranch tonto was playing with his pole. lol.

And so we come to the end of today's blog post interweb where I would like to share with you the Phrase
"Whatever doesn't kill you, can only make you stronger"
Not strictly true, in fact very untrue for the person who coined the phrase. Frederich Nietzche coined that very phrase shortly before sending his biography off to the publishes, before the book had gone to print he lost his mind and became a gibbering wreck unable to clean or care for himself. He lived another ten years before passing away in a vegetative state.
So I am not o sure about that one but what I do know is that Hell hath no fury like a slut outflanked!!!

Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXXX

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