Monday, 10 August 2015

Scuf 4PS review and first impressions.

Well hello interweb, I trust your one's and zero's are all moving along in a well ordered pattern today.
I am about to chat about why I bought my Scuf 4 PS controller and what my first impressions of it all are however at the request of Dirty-Dog from the Netduma forum I just need to gloat a little more about the fact that England have claimed back the Ashes. I am not sure if I mentioned that they did with a test match to spare and the last test they won by an innings and 78 runs.
Oh and Root has now become the worlds top test batsmen replacing Australian's Smith, you know the one that looks like chucky from the horror films..
Root is now #1 and he is from Sheffield you know, good stock. My home town.

Anyway I think that is enough gloating now so on with my review.
I have always wondered if a controller like Scuf would actually help me in my gaming as I am in my 40s etc as are a large section of prospective customers I imagine and with surplus income these days I decided I wanted a custom controller.
Looking at the options it came down to a choice between Battlebeaver or Scuf.
Both have good and bad reviews and after a little research I found the Battlebeaver website not particularly easy to use  and trying to find information from them regarding import duties etc was not forthcoming so a Scuf 4PS was duly designed and ordered.
Incidentally at 6.27AM this morning Battlebeaver replied to my Twitter DM asking about if they catered to the UK market and were there any import implications, only 20 days to reply and their answer of "Typically not" didn't really answer my question anyway. Do they "typically not " cater to the UK or there are not any import implications, or both.
So Scuf 4PS was duly designed on their website with ease, I opted for remapped X and O buttons to 2 levers on the reverse and purple cammo with white grips. After adding a discount code the price came in at £116.00 delivered.
It arrived 11 days later and I must say I was quite impressed.

After reading some horror stories of how the joins were wide open etc I did give the 4PS a good look over and the build quality as far as I could see was spot on, no problem at all.
Upon removing it from the box the controller had a really nice matt finish and as I like my controllers like I like my women, a bit heavier, I had opted for the rumble left in.
My Kontrol freak clicked straight on no worries (omg I sound like one of those Australian losers).
and I fired up Advanced Warfare for a few games against bots to try and get rid of 8 years of muscle memory mashing X and O button to jump and crouch. I really thought that this was going to be quite difficult but to my surprise after 3 games I was back playing public matches racking up Red Baron medals like Dastardly and Mutley.

Now to the levers on the reverse, ergonomically they are well designed and feel as if they should have always been there. However I change my L1 and R1 buttons to be my Aim Down Sight and Fire buttons which negates the need for trigger stops and just feels better for me.
It just didn't feel right for me using the ring finger which fell perfectly into the grip end of the paddle so I use the finger I use to give people the bird as it just feels better for me.
This in turn means that my fingers fall around the F and the P on the lever, a fair way away from the end of the lever and a lot closer to the fulcrum point which will hopefully mean less strain on that point which reading reviews seems to be one of the weak points.
After playing for several hours I had expected the battery to need a full recharge but it seems to hold charge better than my original PS4 controller too. Bonus.
It felt very natural to play after a very short time and I very quickly saw the benefits of using the Scuf controllers. For somebody like myself who plays for a few hours most days this is a good purchase and I now understand how some players manage to pull off what they do.
Will it make my KDR go up in a massive way? probably not,
 does it make playing that bit more fun? yes,
Does it look cool as FCUK, hell yeah I love it.
If I had to pick one fault it would be where the white grips meet the body, there is a tiny little lip, probably less that a mm and it will most likely rub down over the next few games but it does leave my right lever finger with a sore spot. Not too bad and will probably wear in.
All in all first impressions are "Very impressed"
I will do another review after a month or so to see if anything has changed my mind.

Now on to the more traditional part of my blog,
A work mate asked me the other day the age old question of "if a tree falls in a forrest and there is nobody there to hear it, does it make a sound?"
He looked most confused when I replied that according to the laws of quantum physics the question he should really be asking is "is the tree actually there? or the forrest for that matter?
This got me on to thinking about that fantastic invention the "cat flap" Sir Isaac Newton came up with that one, pure genius. It made me wonder if he was in fact by creating a door within a door trying to improve his odds of finding something completely different one day when opening one of the said doors. This also begs the question as to was his cat the same cat after returning through the cat flap?
You see after getting a minimal grasp of the universe on a quantum level opening doors for me has become that little bit more exciting.

Next up Turtle Beach Stealth 500Ps about an 8 month review. (not 8 months long but 8 months into using them)

Peace out Ya ll, THE BAGSTAXXXX

Did I mention we won the Ashes back?

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