Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Building a universe and breaking people!!!

Good afternoon interweb and how are you today, I’m mildly annoyed. My desktop pc has been infected with some sort of malware that none of the security programmes recognise and it’s becoming bloody annoying if I’m honest. Every two or three web pages a popup appears to tell me to check my BMI as I’m too fat or to get a credit card from some company or other. Either that or a stupid game appears. I wouldn’t mind too much but I have even uninstalled flash so they shouldn’t even work. Damn things.
In other news I believe I have actually mentally broken another human being, it wasn’t particularly on purpose and she did deserve it to be honest but I think she is broken, maybe not beyond repair but it may take some therapy.
You see I was off to pick Fi up from the train station last night and as I pulled in to the pick up area there were several cars already parked and a taxi in front of me. The aforementioned taxi did what all taxi’s do and parked to drop off it’s customer in a manner that meant no other vehicle could pass let alone my Yank tank.
So I sat and waited patiently till the passenger and his 4 cases were out of the vehicle.
In the meantime the young student looking lady in her Ford KA had been joined by her student looking male passenger and had decided that it was time they were out of there, however my rather clumsy and large vehicle was in her way and so she appeared to be under the impression that by leaning on her horn my vehicle would magically shrink to fit through the gap left by the taxi that was blocking my way.
I sat patiently and ignored her.
This seemed to irritate her to the point that she felt the need to get her scrawny 6 stone wet to the bone body out of the car and begin waving her arms around and shouting.
 My vehicle still didn’t shrink to fit through the gap but I did at this point feel the need to exit my own vehicle and look at the young lady who’s gob shut tightly at that very point.
I began to explain to her the way that particles exist and how solids liquids and matter interact with one another and how it was physically impossible for me to get through the gap left by the taxi in a very calm but firm voice.
her male companion was shifting somewhat uncomfortably in his seat and he closed his eyes as the words
“now get back in your little cream egg of a car and think about what you have done!!!” fell from my lips.
You could actually spot the exact second that she broke, her eyes widened and she began talking in what can only be described as tongues, it wasn’t English or comprehensible in any way and she seemed a trifle annoyed by my comment.
It was at this point that Fi hoaved into view looked at the situation, shook her head and got into the car. The taxi had by this point also moved so I got into the car and drove away leaving the young lady in what appeared to be an apoplectic state with her head looking like it was about to explode.
I went to pick up a kebab and have a glass or two of red wine content with the way I dealt with the situation in such a calm manner.
Despite working most of the weekend I did have a most pleasant one, in fact it was wonderful brilliant and amazing and even at work it was for the most part pleasant with some lovely people on shift.
I do however find between visits that I think more than I probably should. Ive been thinking about how to build a universe, I think I might be quite good at it.
You see on the way back from Northern Ireland I took a photograph that shows just how small and effective we actually are in the big scheme of things, A wind farm off the coast of the Wirral, these things are massive but put in context against nature, the sea and the sky they are really quite pathetic. So I thought about how we as people might actually have some sort of effect if only we could figure it out.
The basic ingredients of building a universe are Matter, energy and space but been as matter and energy are essentially the same thing we just need space and energy.
There is an age old question of “did God create the universe?” Whilst I don’t know for sure what I do know is that the universe could have just popped into existence. Contrary to many people’s view, mainly because they don’t understand quantum physics I think that the universe did not need a God to create it.
You see, subatomic level protons and their mates can appear and disappear (quantum mechanics) and this means that the universe could have in fact just appeared in a mahoooooooosive explosion.
Now if there was nothing before the big bang then there was no time. If there was no time before the big bang there was no time for a universe creating god to exist.
We know that there was nothing before the big bang because the universe expanded faster than the speed of light and as physics tells us, nothing travels faster than the speed of light then the universe must have expanded into nothing.
Well if that hasn’t given you pause for thought interweb I don’t know what will.
Right then, I suppose I may as well go and do some work interweb, It keeps me out of trouble and interacting with people who I may inadvertently break!,
But I will leave you with this thought ,
Fairytales don’t tell children that dragons exist, children know dragons exist. Fairytales tell children that dragons can be killed!!
Peace out yall THE BAGSTAXXX

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