Saturday, 31 October 2015

Gaming Lag, A Thousand Horses and Nurses!!!

Hello interweb, well it’s 11.37 A.M. and I have already been to the gym and the supermarket and despite consuming a bottle of red last night feel surprisingly sprightly.
Speaking of wine I have after 8 years of online gaming finalised the results of my extensive research which I will now share with you.
There is a direct correlation between the amount of red wine I consume and the amount of lag I experience. Up to 2 glasses I seem to relax and do fine but after 1 bottle things start to head South, after 2 bottles that lag becomes horrendous. Even the Netduma R1 cannot help.
I have also noticed recently that on Advanced Warfare the lobbies are full of people not bothering with the objective and just camping their asses off with noob toobs and rocket launchers.
Far be it for me to tell anybody how to play a game that they have paid for but I am also in my rights to think that you are a complete c~~~ for doing so.

These people are also the first to complain, send hate mail and leave the lobby when you switch to a class with noob toobs two grenades and danger close to give them a dose of their own medicine.

Any way enough of that ranting I have also happened upon a fairly new act to hit the country scene recently (well new to me) and it is in my humble opinion that this band will be filling stadiums all over the world before long.
When it comes to music I am one of those people who falls in love with the dimple and marries the whole girl downloading the entire album and only ending up liking the one track.  

Formed in 2010 Nashville, Tennessee “A Thousand Horses” are probably best described as what you would get if you dropped “The Black Crows” “Lynyrd Skynyrd” and “Garth Brooksinto the Large Hadron Collider.
Seriously it has been a long time since I have listened to an album and loved every track on it. These guys are not formed from the stuff modern acts are, no hippin and a hoppin bippin and a boppin, these guys can sing and not down their nose like an X Factor act and they can play instruments too. Throw in a few steel guitars and some soulful backing singers and you have a kick ass sound that's carved from granite and wrapped in velvet.
Turn it up to 11 and break off the knob!

In other news a friend sent me the following pic which as I am married to a nurse was pretty spot on actually and it did make me lol,
Working overnights will do that to you but I can't help thinking that there is nowhere near enough drool in the pic.
Well it has been almost a week now since it "Appears" that Glen from the Walking Dead had his guts ripped out by a hoard of Zombies, a fan favourite Glen has been in the series since the first episode (well his voice calling Rick a "dumb ass") and many followers of the show have been shocked at his demise but there are many aspects of the show and all over the internet that suggest he may not have met his demise just yet.
Well I just have to get The Mexican F1 race and a few games of Advanced Warfare out of the way before I can find out Monday evening 1 day after the USA get to find out.
I will be avoiding social media till I have seen the show to stop some ass hat spoiling it for me, oh and also because I am not that social actually.

And so interweb I will leave you with this, "Whatever you may be sure of, be sure of this, that you are dreadfully like other people." and  "The fact that a great many people believe something is no guarantee of its truth."


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