Monday, 26 October 2015

Sports, Holidays and top tip!!!!!

Hello interweb, well what a Sports packed weekend that was between shifts.
The MOTO GP race was filled with controversy after a clash between Rossi and Marquez, After weeks of Marquez been a thorn in his side Rossi had finally had enough and after at least one warning from Rossi Marquez continued to push the 9 times world champions patience till it snapped.
In an unprecedented move and very unprofessional and un Rossi like Rossi pushed him off line and hung him out to dry, Marquez continued to lean against Rossi and as Rossi moved out his knee to stand the Spaniard up he caught his brake lever causing Marquez to crash.
Many people say that the penalty given to Rossi was not harsh enough but it has effectively cost him his 10th world title by making him start from the back of the grid at the next race.
Rossi indicated that Marquez had won, he had got his wish by interfering in his racing for the world title with Lorenzo, (also funnily enough a Spaniard)
Personally If I had been Rossi I would not have just run him out wide Id have stopped after he fell off, gone back and given him a reet good kicking as well.
The F1 race from Texas was also a belting race with at least 4 drivers possible winners as the race progressed but it was reigning World Champion Lewis (cry baby when shit doesn't go his way) Hamilton who took the spoils in that race and a 3rd World Championship title along with it.
Again in my book another contender for a serious slap the spoiled little shit.
And onto the Rugby World Cup semi final games. Both cracking games and edge of the seat stuff right up to the final minutes but as expected it will be a New Zealand v Australia final. Come on the All Blacks. (that's what she said, keep it clean boys and girls)

Well that's enough about sport for a while, the weather has been hit and miss of late but I did manage to get out into the Peak last week and get a few shots in the best of which is probably this one.
I was looking for autumn late sunlight on the many coloured leaves of the trees but neither the colours nor the light was working for me so ended up getting this up at the top of Snake Pass A57.

In other news my little Rottweiler has decided on where we are to go on our next holiday (vacation for friends over the pond) and so it is early next year that we will be climbing aboard one of Richard Branson's finest and flying to Barbados to then get a connecting flight on to Saint Vincent in the Grenadines.
It is where quite a few scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed and the abandoned film set is just a few miles up the road from where we will be staying in a rather nice looking private villa with 40" TV wifi and all the mod cons.
Personally I think I will spend my days laid out in the sun soaking up the heat or snorklling with the fishes.

On the gaming front things are still looking good and I await the drop of Black Ops 3 with a bit more enthusiasm than I had after the beta.
After Sgt Greco from the Netduma R1 Forums posted about connecting a PS4 controller for use on PS3 via bluetooth I had a few games of blops2 and it played way better than it did during its actual run time.
Really handy tip from Sgt Greco though as I can now use my scuf on PS3 games as well. (without the charging cable)
Basically Under "Accessory Settings" on your PS3, locate and select "Manage Bluetooth devices". Select "Register New Device." The PS3 will begin Bluetooth scanning. Simultaneously press and hold the DualShock 4's "Share" and "PS" buttons until the controller light bar starts blinking. The controller should then appear in the PS3's list as a "Wireless Controller." Then reassign DS3's number to 2. Now DS4 is your #1 controller.
Playing TDM and looking at mini map could not see any team mates, checked lobby and they had all left bar me, I like a challenge and stayed to the end going 19-kills 17 deaths and only losing the match by about 15 points. Hit detection bang on the money. It was never like this for me so I have no idea why its working so well now.
Maybe it's the introduction of my trusty R1  to the mix, it certainly makes gaming fun again that's for sure.
Anyway interwebs I have rambled enough for one day so I will leave you with these thoughts,
The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously, and At least two-thirds of our miseries spring from human stupidity, human malice and those great motivators and justifiers of malice and stupidity: idealism, dogmatism and proselytizing zeal on behalf of religous or political ideas.

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  1. Yeah I read that the moto gp was slightly controversial. Although many opinions I read said Rossi's punishment was harsh as Marquez was actually leaning into him. Some people have even said they think it was a fix by Marquez to give a fellow Spaniard a better chance to claim the title!