Thursday, 15 October 2015

The past wasnt so bad, Im old and ...............

Well hello interweb, 
I find it strange that I am interacting with you again after saying goodbye in February 2011. I initially used you to help me give up smoking which worked very well and yet I am still here posting all over your ones and zero’s.
I have posted a few posts since then but not too many however now I have retired at the ripe old age of 46 I guess you are gonna have to suffer my ramblings a little more. Tough shit baby.
This evening I have currently been listening to a mixture of music from Led Zeppelin, Yes, Rainbow, Rush et al and it has transported me back to my youth.
Sat in bedroom with a kaftan hippy skirt wearing petulia oil scented young hippy girl with a 2 pence piece balanced on the stylus as we smoke copious amounts of weed and drink cider.
I honestly think that I had reached the age of about 19 before I realised that a girls breath doesn’t actually smell of sweet cider.
Fucking amazing times without a care in the world although I do have to admit that I never really cared for the whole CND anti Conservative anti war shit and just went along with it to make sure that I got laid.
It was a much easier time to live I believe. Many people seem to think that today’s world is much better but I beg to differ.
I was never so tied to my mobile phone that I nearly got run over as I nearly did to some stupid student today, in fact make that two of the little bastards
One was on a skateboard thinking that the Grand Cherokee would come off worse when I hit him.
 I’m sure average IQ has dropped over the years but I digress.
No internet no mobile phones, when I was doing stuff I was never checking my phone every 2 bloody minutes and people could not get hold of me at their whim so to speak.
Not that they can now I just ignore them or plead ignorance of the technology.
Speaking of which I registered my cards on my phone for Apple Pay thinking that I would never ever use it. I mean why would I.
Right up till I got to the check out at the CO/OP tonight with my bottle of wine and I had forgotten my wallet.
A quick flash of the phone and a fingerprint scan all sorted. HAHAHALOL I used Apple Pay.
I mean to be honest all the crap that is going on in the world, Wars, Crime, Technological breakthroughs etc,
Ive been through it all before and it’s getting pretty boring to be honest and I feel myself regressing.
And it’s great. Actually it’s fucking great. I’m now pretty much retired at 46 and taking my photography back as a hobby instead of  a way to earn a living and that is also great.
I feel that I am finally leaving the rat race and despite now owning more tech than I did last year I do feel that it reasonable tech and justified.
Man I just feel like rolling a joint to be honest, lol
Led Zeppelin Ramble on just come on. Lol
Some things do still annoy the living fuck out of me, I saw an advert for the new series of the apprentice today.
Oh dear you affected little fucks. Just piss off please.
“I just feel I need to be the biggest thing most important productive person that I can be”
Fuck off you twat just because daddy didn’t give you enough attention you feel the need to afflict the rest of us with your fucking neurosis? Really.
Others sit there and give it the whole, it’s because I is black innit, or white, or yellow, or any goddamn shade.
Honestly the majority of people in Britain today do not give a flying fuck what race or religion you are till you start blowing stuff up.
Then you become an annoyance. That is all, just an annoyance really so stop it.
 Here is the update on that you self centred retard.
If we were to wake up some morning and find that everyone was the same race, creed and colour, we would find some other cause for prejudice by lunchtime.
You are doing this because you are so full of your own self importance and think that everybody else actually gives a shit.
It’s reality TV.
Have your 15 minutes then please just fuck off because nobody cares past the tea and digestive break.
Well I think I’m going to buy some incense get some 2 pence pieces ready and drag out the Vinyl records guys n girls.
So let me leave you with this, Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art

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