Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Power, responsibilty and light switches!!!

Hello interweb, wow, twice within 7 days. I must be bored or feeling like ranting. I am currently unsure which but I do have a few thoughts to share with you.
I saw a post on youtube yesterday relating to a retweet of a video that Drift0r the well known gamer has uploaded.
Now I am a follower of drift0r and have a lot of respect for him and enjoy many of his video’s.
 He puts them out there with good commentary and a lot (and I do mean a lot) of young people follow him as well as old duffers like myself.
It is with this in mind that after watching his video about global warming whilst playing Advanced Warfare I cannot help but think he may not realise the power he has, and with power comes responsibility.
The video can be seen here, (I hope he doesn’t mind me linking to it.)
Global Warming (Advanced Warfare Gameplay Commentary)
He puts forth some good detailed information but does (like many others) seem to come down on the “catastrophic man made global warming” side of the issue and as such I feel many other people without doing any research may also jump to this conclusion.
You see I have done a lot of research into this subject and have blogged about it before. Travelled the world to exotic places on consecutive years etc doing a small amount of research myself.
In the global climate debate it appears one side is just as biased as the other. When human beings become polarized in their beliefs, they search for evidence to defend their positions rather than searching for the truth with an open mind.
 When political agendas drive funding, right or wrong, the popular view prevails.That's just human nature.
You see the problem is this, (in my eyes) There is scientific research that has been compiled by the IPCC that categorically states that global warming is a man made phenomena and puts forward such a compelling argument that it has become the popular view and you must be some kind of muppet to think otherwise.
Remember it was once a popular view that the Earth was flat!!
That may well be so and people recycle, sell their suv for a smart car get solar panels and a wind turbine but still hypocritically in my view, take the foreign holiday on a jet plane.
However, on the other side of the coin is strong scientific proof and research that gives us the opposite information.
You see it is a little broadcasted point that when temperatures rise, CO2 increases, not the other way around.
So is global warming a man made phenomenon or part of earth’s natural cycle? Does it really matter? It doesn't matter which side wins the argument over fact or made up statistics or IPCC funded research because nothing will change.
We will still wage wars in fossil fuel rich countries killing innocent men women and children, we will still pollute our lakes, streams and rivers,
As human beings we have the ability to learn from our mistakes and yet it astounds me by our apparent disinclination to do so. And as drift0r points out in his video, We aint about to give up our air con etc.
I remember reading an article on Ice melt in Antarctica a couple of years ago,
It contained the following ““Most of the world's ice is in Antarctica. The continent is covered by an ice shelf 2,133 meters (7,000 feet) thick. If the entire ice pack melted, the world's oceans would rise by 61 meters (200 feet). But since the average temperature in Antarctica is -37°C (-35°F), this is very unlikely to happen. More likely is that only a portion of the ice melts, increasing sea levels by a few feet or meters.”
So, at minus 37°C ice melts a bit? Since when? It didn’t when I was at school and I am sure things have not changed that much.
If at minus 37 degrees Celsius there is actual proof of “a bit” of ice melting I for one would really like to know for sure what the hell is causing it.
Radiation from outer space, penguins lighting their farts for amusement not knowing the damage they are causing to their own habitat.
Maybe the Bavarian Illuminati are behind the whole thing, it wouldn’t surprise me to be honest, they're behind most conspiracies where there is a few bucks to be made.
Anyway, please feel free to do any experiments you feel you need too to show me how to melt ice at minus 35 degress Celsius, but only “a bit”
WOW, talk about rant. Lol But on a more serious note I really do wish that people would just pull together and pool their funding to find out the real reasons the earth is warming instead of just spouting out stuff and making climate models fit the results they want to keep the funding.
I am sure that some of the science is correct but I am also sure there is a lot of bollocks talked about this subject. Just read the above, I am full of it but hopefully I may have made at least one person pause for thought.
Oh and drift0r if your reading this “Keep up the good work man” I do truly like your video’s.
Well I think that is more than enough ammunition for my haters to attack me with, but I have just thought of one solution to the whole global warming problem.
Teach children from very early on that light switches work in both directions!!
And so interweb I will leave you with these thoughts, “The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it and remember this, The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.

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