Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Wine, Black Ops and Coffee!!!

good morning interweb, I am feeling a little groggy today as I drank far to much red wine last night and have absolutely no right to be up and able to type at this time.
I did start playing Advanced Warfare but after only a few games got very frustrated by all the full tilt douchebags with the constant barrage of noob toobs and rocket launcher spam in every objective mode.
The only mode that was playable was TDM Core and I did hand out a couple of spankings but quickly discovered that despite been a grumpy old bastard and probably the most anti social person I know, I am actually quite social. With the correct people it would appear.
You see I game most evenings with a friend from The USA and we bitch n moan about stuff laugh and joke and generally behave as if we were down at the local bar but playing a video game at the same time.
A couple of nights ago I got online and had a few games of Black Ops 2 on the PS3 with Dillinger (another gamer form the USA) and despite the fact that he did not have his mic set up we did have a total blast sending the odd message via PSN after the games.
Now I never really did very well on Blops2 and stopped playing it after about 4 months due to the horrendous lag I was suffering but the other night Dillinger and myself were topping the leader boards every single game. This on a game I have not played more then twice in about 2 years.
So this has got me wondering if it is the magic of my Netduma R1 that is helping my connection out or the seriously hard work I have put in to the last two awful titles that the Call of Duty franchise has put out.
I am sure I will be put out of my misery and find out soon enough, Thursday at midnight I will be in the shorter of the two que's at Game in the city centre as I went in and fully pre paid for my copy of Black Ops 3 on Sunday.
After playing the beta I was not impressed. I must be honest but then I played the Star Wars beta and was less than impressed with that as well.
So with the whole weekend off to try stuff out I am sure I will have a KDR of 0.4 by Monday morning but at least I will have played the objective. :)
In other news our neighbours from hell appear to be making more steps towards actually moving house. It was sold over 3 months ago but the noisy little bastards are still there. However I did see a very large roll of bubble wrap in the living room as I drove past a couple of days ago. Hopefully they will be gone by Christmas.
And so to today, I have an appointment with a flat white coffee at Costa later and will be watching the results of today's Trixie with interest.
We have Stand to reason in the 13.00 hrs at Warwick, Duchess of Marmite in the 16.40 at Kempton and how could I resist, Taste the Wine in the 13.10 at Chepstow.
Oh and a long shot punt, "Between the Sheets" has just come in 3rd at Greyville, no pun intended.

And so interweb I will leave you with these thoughts, "As long as we respond predictably to what feels good and what feels bad, it is easy for others to exploit our preferences for their own ends."
"and I have been wondering of late, do you think that ISIS, Al Qaeda et al have a territorial division?"

Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

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  1. Haha wicked read. Wish I had read sooner for the tips!