Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Wings, Earbuds and X2 XP!!!

Afternoon interweb, it’s been a while. I have even had a birthday since last we conversed and a very pleasant time was had.
Myself and Viper went down to Yankees, a popular American themed diner with loads of eighties memorabilia on the wall and even eighties NFL matches on the big screens. Buffalo wings and a cheeseburger the size of a shoebox was summarily munched through all washed down with a few large diet coke drinks, not because I am watching my weight but because I prefer the taste.

Been as I am about as popular as a ginger person at a sperm bank I I didn’t receive too many gifts but did buy myself a set of new in ear earphones.
After spending many hours recently in the Maldives with iphone earbuds shoved in my ear I decided I needed some decent ones that didn't hurt so much after several hours.
I decided on the Shure SE215's in a limited edition transparent blue colour.
They arrive in a neat little box with a carry bag which you can clip on to stuff and 6 sets of tips to choose from.
Now this is very important. To get the best sound from these headphones you really do need to make sure that you have the correct tips on the ear pieces otherwise they sound crap and the noise isolation is not very good.
I used the foam small tips to start with and after a couple of attempts to put them in and get them to sit right in the ear I was good to go. I went to the gym and spent an hour doing cardio, the over ear cable which has a small length of wire inside fits well but I could hear the shite music that was being pumped out and the trainers shouting etc even on full volume. The bass was a bit tinny sounding too and for the £60.00 I paid for them I was not that impressed.
However after changing the tips to the silicon medium tips the difference was quite stark. Off I skipped to the gym again and I noticed the difference immediately. I could hardly hear the ambient sound in the gym even without any music playing. Once AC/DC was in full flow at around 70% full volume the music was all I could hear. The bass was good, treble and top end stuff was clear as a bell, I played jazz, blues rock and a little easy listening stuff and all sounded superb.
Very comfortable as well, they actually sit in the outer ear which means you can lay down and sleep in these bad boys if you wanted to. They are a bit of a fiddle to put in when you first get them but you soon get the fitting right.
On the downside they do not come with any inline controls which I think is a bit of an oversight but you can order a replacement cable which comes with them built in for around an extra £10.00 which I am awaiting delivery of as we speak.

As they are made by Shure I expected them to be good but as the next set up come in at a three figure price I wasn't sure (no pun intended) exactly how good they would be. I was going to get a set of Polk Audio Nue Voe headphones but could not find a set for love nor money. If I could have they would have cost me twice as much as these and I can highly recommend them along with the caveat that you really do need to make sure you use the correct tips and get them fitted into the ear properly.

In other news it was Black Ops 3 x2 XP weekend and what a pile of shite the servers turned into. I tried a few games on Saturday night before switching the PS4 off and firing up the PS3 to play some GT6. Sunday was no better and in the space of about 2 hours myself and Knuckles had not actually won a single match. Monday evening was not that much better and all I can say is that I did mention when the game came out that at around the 3 month mark it would probably go to shit and it has.
If they would only stop targeting young children for an 18 rated game with all the silly downloadable content in the form of cammo's etc and remove half of the score streaks then maybe the game play would improve but alas I will not hold my breath on that.

And so interweb it is time for me to leave you, but not before imparting a little more wisdom on you.
Confidence is the feeling that you have before you understand the situation, and if you are happy and you know it, Please keep it to yourself.



  1. awesome article Rev, Yep i can't be arsed with the 2xp, this time was the worst yet!! and they have made so much money! it would be nice to actually read that they are gonna invest in some new servers or just upgradfe the current ones!

  2. I hear you loud and clear buddy. :)