Monday, 7 March 2016

Snow, Streaming and Candy, I love Candy!!!!

Good afternoon interweb, I am currently listening to the Levellers, Levelling the land album through my Shure Headphones. They really are bloody good headphones once you get the correct tips fitted. The noise isolation is superb.
The added bonus is that the cable with in line controls arrived a few days ago and they just top things off.
The main reason for wearing them during the day when I am in mission control is simply that Viper is in bed as she has been working overnights at the hospital.
The weather at the end of last week turned a pale shade of shite up ere in the land of flat caps, Snow and loads of the stuff. As is normal when this happens I was straight out with camera in hand and spinning Thumpers wheels up as I drifted the 2.2 ton monster up into the Peak.
It didn't stick around for very long and now there is just a small amount left up on the top of the peaks.

I was also watching a video of Candy Dulfer playing at the Sea Jazz Festival in Aruba in 2011 over the weekend and spotted this likely lad bottom right taking pics of her.
 This is the pic I was actually taking at that very moment,
You know when I think about it I have had a very charmed life so far, and cheated death on several occasions although I can still hear the buggers cloak rustling on occasions.
I think it is more the choices I have made than luck and having a belief in what I am doing will succeed.
Now if only I could turn that belief into actual results on Black Ops 3, lol.
I have over the years had some great and memorable times on my COD career which started with the first Modern Warfare game.
Many of those moments like Knuckles spawning in on a claymore and blowing himself half way across the map, Oh how I laughed, have been lost and it is with this in mind that I have been giving some serious thought as to buying me an Elgato capture thingy.
I have also over the weekend (its been a busy weekend)been pissing about with Twitch and its settings and to be honest the quality streaming straight from the PS4 just isn't there.

I had a look at a lot of streams and to be honest there is a lot of shit out there that is simply unwatchable and yet there are several hundred people watching the feed.
I guess to be honest it will just be an extension of this blog which has reached just under 30000 views which I find staggering as it was originally just a way of helping me to stop smoking.
I am sure that I will invent some new curse words if I do go down that particular avenue before I get things set up and will no doubt enlist the help of some of the brighter members of the Netduma forum.
Speaking of which, I was playing a few games of Hardcore TDM last night with knuckles, I am in UK and he is East coast USA. I was hosting with my Netduma R1 set to the COD ultimate profile and congestion control set to 60% both ways.
Reasonable connection and we were having mostly good games with the odd dodgy lobby thrown in.
Then Knuckles started streaming to Twitch live, He went ham on those douchbags man. I was putting up the best scores of the night as well. He had a couple of games where he went like 34-4 and 38-7 it was insane.
So that got me to thinking which is never a good thing. A feel a few tests may have to be done here.
Oh well interweb my green tea and ginger cup of tea has now been drunk and I better get on with doing something so I will simply leave you with this thought,
Antisocial behaviour is a trait of intelligence in a world full of conformists!!

Peace out Yall, THE BAGSTAXX

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