Friday, 11 March 2016

Elgato, Sponge, Terrorists and Jazz farts!!!

Good afternoon interweb, twice in a week, just.
Well it has been an interesting week and I have actually parted with some of my money which as a Yorkshireman goes against most of my principles but part with it I did and for the most part I am quite pleased with my purchases.
First off having watched a video by a Netduma regular called ImSallad about gaming accessory gimmicks I decided to invest a few quid in some aim assist thingies.
 You can find ImSallads youtube channel here His is one of the more watchable channels out there.
Anyway back to aiming thingies.
FPS Aim Assist are just circles of sponge that increase the resistance of your thumbstick when you aim helping to prevent over aiming and having to correct your aim all the time. They also stop the click as the stick finds its edge against the body of the controller.
They come in two varieties of Yellow and Grey with the Grey ones offering more resistance for the real thugs out there. I tried both and settled on a yellow one on the right stick.
I was thinking that these things were a bit of a gimmick and after playing a few games with them didn't really feel that they were making a difference. That was right up to the point where I took it off. Wow, my aim was all over the place and that expensive bit of sponge soon got slapped back on.
When playing Call of Duty I'm old with chronic arthritis and as such don't expect to call in Mother ships every game. To be honest in this inconsistent shitty offering from Treyarch I'm happy if my kills are in double figures and I go positive. Over the last couple of days I have not only been going positive but getting kills in the high teens and twenties and even come in top of the leader board winning team first place on three occasions. So make of them what you will but I like mine:)
WOW, Ive just passed wind and it sounded more like a tune from a Jazz trumpet solo!!! I digress so lets get back to my other purchase.
The Elgato HD 60 capture thingymajobee. External one.
I have been wanting to get one of these for a while now and finally decided to just get one. £138.00 from PC World.
The Elgato is very nicely packaged and when opened you do get a feeling of having bought a quality product. It does not however come with any form of instruction manual but does have a link to a website that you need to visit to download the software.
Having downloaded the software I went about trying to get it set up and working. Trust me, this takes a fair bit of patience, a lot of google searches and advice from people who are much more technically minded than I, Starting with ImSallad, JConnor, Iammodbox and Raddy to name but a few. (all Netduma R1 forum regulars)
One of the biggest issues I was having was trying to get the image to display on the pass through TV, the screen kept flickering and just a black display. Having checked all my cables were connected correctly and making sure everything was right in the software I still couldn't get the display working. So after a few google searches I found that on the PS4 before you connect the Elgato you have to go to Settings / System and turn OFF "Enable HDCP"
Would have been nice if Elgato could have let me know that as I am sure I am not the only person who has had this issue.
After setting the thing up I tried a few experiments and tests. Streaming is a lot harder than it looks but capturing high quality footage is a piece of piss.
Turning that into something people might want to watch on youtube is another thing.
One of the biggest let downs on it is the inability to record your voice through gaming headsets without a plethora of wires.
There are ways to do it with after market cables etc but I have simply decided to by an external usb mic which I can set up and when I need to add voice over I can simply hit the live broadcast button or whatever it is called. Or in editing software lay down a voice over.
The main reason for wanting to get the Elgato was to get the with times man, I am hoping when I have learned how to use it properly to use it for a video blog type thing instead of typing things out here, A kind of more up to date Reverends Ramblings if you like.
In other news I have been thinking after all these new warnings about imminent terrorist attacks and what you should do if you find yourself caught up in one. Well all I know is that FPS gamers are not going to have a problem as we have been through that shit a thousand times.

And so interweb I will leave you for today and return to a world where people don't read the fucking instructions and in general have IQ of flip flops but I will leave you with this from Douglas Adams, It would have been his birthday today.
"I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but almost always end up where I needed to be"
Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

I would also just like to thank the following for some watchable Youtube video's (Click on their name to view the channel.)
I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but almost always end up where I need to be.
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  1. nice article dude, i too have considered gaming with an elgato, for peeps to share my ingame experience unfortunately my budget doesn't allow for it, happy streaming though rev :)