Saturday, 26 March 2016

Cats, Bufferbloat, R1 and World Domination !!!

Good afternoon interweb and a flipping dull grey shitty one it is outside.
Last night was full of fun, as there was bugger all to watch on the TV as it was a Friday evening I decided to try and persuade Viper to let me have a cat. Ive had 3 German Shepherds and 1 Dalmatian and they take a lot of looking after whereas a cat mostly looks after itself.
You see I have for some time had ideas of taking over the world as an evil genius from Mission Control here at Bagsta Towers. I have had these plans for some time as can be seen in this photograph from my younger days, I was not bothered with the trivialities and cheer of the masses I had plans for World Domination long ago and if you made me spill my milk you were in for some serious hard stare time.
And so a cat to sit on my lap and purr away as I put my plans into action.
So bottom line, I want a cat, Viper does not want a cat. Were not getting a cat. As a compromise she rolled up a furry blanket and fastened it with rubber bands and said there.
Not quite what I had in mind but never mind, and anyway, no matter how hard you try to teach your cat general relativity, you're going to fail.
Enough of my rambling and onto bufferbloat.
I did a few tests this morning trying to get mine sorted and it would appear that the device you do the tests on can have a large difference on the results.
Testing through my PC wired and my IPAD2 wireless just minutes apart the results were somewhat different, and surprising to be honest.
The Ipad gave me great results with no big swings on the meter during testing whilst the wired PC gave me less than favourable results with some big swings on the meter during testing.
I'm going with the results from the IPAD as the tech inside it is years newer than my PC and even if it's a placebo effect it's still an effect.
The Netduma R1 is after several weeks now on the new upgrade still firing on all cylinders.
The features of the latest firmware are for me on my connection way more than needed but the Hyperlane for my PS4 couples with the ability to temp ban dedicated servers has for the most part seen my games improve.
It does exactly what it says on the tin and puts me in lobbies with an average ping to host of around 10 MS every single game. Happy days you would think but not all the time.
Now this is what many (probably younger users) people don't seem to get about the Netduma R1. People buy this router and expect to simply plug it in press a button and start dropping Motherships every game because some Youtuber did a video showing that they did.
What these people fail to understand is that many of these Ytubers play hours a day every day and if you watch their streams they certainly do not drop 44-2 games every game by any means. However when they do it will be published like lightening.
So if the R1 puts me in incredibly low ping lobbies with my PS4 traffic prioritised and 8 years muscle memory and playing the game why do I sometimes get a right good spanking. Why do I sometimes just get hit marker after hit marker then die in one shot from the enemy.
The only factor left in the equation is the game itself.
I am so tired of reading on forums how the "R1 isn't working, I'm not going 44-0 every game" The R1 is probably doing it's job very well and either the players skill set isn't quite what they imagined it is or more likely "THE GAME ITSELF IS FLAWED".
For the most part for me it plays OK and I have fun but there are times when it is like wading through mud and you simply cannot get the drop on anybody. Spawning in right in front of the enemy is another major problem with the game which I doubt will be fixed anytime soon and so all we can do is play the game for a bit of fun and when it stops being fun take out the disk and play something else.
When the game does go shitty on me I check my ping and that steady 10-12 MS bar tells me its not on my end. So thank you Netduma.
The other thing you could do when the game goes to shit is continue with your plan on World Domination. Now there's an idea.

And so interweb I will as usual leave you with a few thoughts from the depths of my unravelling mind, "A woman's mind is cleaner than a man's: She changes it more often." and if we are all here on earth to help others, what on earth are the others here for?

Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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