Thursday, 24 March 2016

Skins, Easter and violence!!!

Hello interweb, How are we today?
Nearly Easter, you know that Christian thing where the lag was so bad it took that Jesus chap 3 days to respawn.
I have in the past week or so made a few new purchases for mission control.
The PlayStation 4 has had a makeover with a rather new swanky skin to help prevent it from getting scratched.
It also got a damn good hoovering and blast out with some compressed air as it hadn't been cleaned since I first bought it on release date. As a general rule it sits on one of them fan thingies which seems to have kept the level of dust down to a minimum actually and I would recommend one to anybody. They also allow you a few extra USB slots above the normal 2 as well.
I have also invested in a PlayStation Eye camera for the set up as well. For the money I am actually quite disappointed in the whole thing as you cannot even use it to chat to friends across the pond like you could with the PS3 version.
In fact it seems at the moment all it can really do is log you in by face recognition, respond to a few voice commands and do the picture in picture thing if you are streaming to twitch or youtube etc.
I was hoping that I could have done picture in picture whilst gaming with friends so that they could see my friendly gestures when they team kill me but alas my colourful language will have to suffice for now.
I have slowly been getting the hang of the Elgato HD60 capture device and will soon be violating the internet with my videos along side the millions of other useless clips that are out there. At least I will  feel included.
There has been a lot of crap going off in the real world of late, The American elections for instance, the rest of the world is viewing this as an intelligence test for America and it is not going well for them.
Yet more terrorists blowing themselves and others to pieces in the name of their religion.
Please just go and blow yourself up in a field and leave all the normal people well alone to get on with their day. And yes, you do look kind of retarded with your trousers above the ankles. It's a very special needs kind of look. If you are wearing your trousers at normal length "shame on you" I am sure your God will not be to pleased with you when you blow yourself up and go to meet him in long trousers.
In other news Black Ops 3 has become very stale very quickly for me, I never really liked Treyarch's offerings before and this one is no different buy I still play it around 4 or 5 times a week. Now if only there was a driving game like GT5 or 6 out for the PS4.
Viper has finally decided on taking her sister to Mexico for her 50th and so I will be home alone for 10 days next month at some point, I am not quite sure if this is a dangerous thing or not and if it is who it is dangerous for!!
Anyway interweb enough of my ramblings for now, some test videos from the Elgato can be found on my Youtube channel here  BAGSTA69

 And so I will leave you my usual drivel and final thought, Sometimes violence does solve problems and you don't have to attend every argument to which you are invited.

Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

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