Monday, 25 January 2016

Flu, Holidays, taxes and suffering from mental illness!!!

Well Hello interweb and I trust that the ether in which you exist is treating you better than my ether has been treating me.
I have experienced a mixed bag since last we spoke and most of it a grey shade of shite.
The good, in fact the best news is that I finally got the holiday booked, not at quite the price I wanted to pay and I am now bereft of a few organs to help pay for it but I really cannot wait to be out of this shitty weather and not have to deal with imbeciles on a daily basis.
Even if it is for only a couple of weeks it may be enough time to prevent me going totally loco.
And so it is off to the Maldives once more, Summer Island to be precise.
Summer Island was the place we first visited in the Maldives back in 2005 a few months after the Boxing day tsunami. It was a very tired looking place but the people who worked there more than made up for it.
I fell in love with the place and have been back on no fewer than 7 occasions since and this upcoming trip will make trip number 8.
This particular private island has been totally renovated and is looking pretty swish to be fair.
The other major bonus is that I have saved enough Emirates Skywards points to upgrade to Business Class. Result. I may post a few pics from the island whilst there if I can be arsed but to be honest a bit of snorkeling, sailing and night fishing and a few treatments in the spa is about all I am going to be getting up to.

The thing I am most concerned about is that I shift this damned flu that has hit me for the last 5 days, it is awful and I am not usually one to whinge too much about things like cold and flu but this is a real nasty fucker.
So bad I was curled up next to the radiator at 4AM Saturday morning to keep warm like a dog I actually called the out of hours doctors when I could stop my fingers shivering. I managed to drive in to see them and they confirmed it was viral and the fever of 38.9 could be brought down with ibuprofen.
Did I want a script? No thank you I can buy them for 30 pence a box from the supermarket so no I don't want to pay £8.20 for them thank you.
Granted they did bring the fever down but the coughing and rest of the snot and aching limbs is still there and just to add insult to the whole experience on my way home from the hospital the police pulled me over.
Apparently what did I expect when driving around through the drug capital of Sheffield at 4.30 am in a Black Grand Cherokee with tinted windows that is registered in the S11 (nice area for the most part of the city) area. Pleasant enough young coppers and they literally just waved me along and wished me good luck with my cold.
In the good news camp my tax return is filled in filed sent and the tax I owe has been paid, yaaaaaay. And you have no idea how smug that makes me feel. (this coming from a man who at one point in his life owed HMRC £75000) 
So as you can see interweb life has been a mixed bag of late and I have only managed to consume about 3 bottles of wine in 5 days. Maybe that's why I have the shakes and it is nothing to do with the flu?????
In other news I have not really even felt like gaming much to be honest and so haven't but did revisit Modern Warfare 3 to play what in my opinion is one of the best levels ever "mind the gap". Made for a great MP map as well.
Well I have one shift at the hospital to complete Wednesday evening if I am recovered enough and then a couple of weeks in paradise which to be honest cannot come soon enough.

And so we come to the part of my blog post where I try to impart some sort of wisdom or wise ass comment but I am really struggling today interweb so I will leave you with this thought,
 The thing people have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it, and dealing with some of the people I have to deal with on a daily basis my own theory of evolution is that Darwin was adopted and suffering from a mental illness.

Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

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