Friday, 1 January 2016

Netduma R1 settings and Happy New Year :)

Well Happy New Year interweb, Och ma heed I think is the expression. Ouch, I drank far to much expensive champagne last night but was also asked if I would post up some screen shots and details of the settings I use on my Netduma R1 and so it is with this request that I find myself hungover and sat in front of my PC in the games room.
All of what I am about to put down below is what works for me with the R1, everyone's set up and connections are different and so what works for me may not work for others.
There are a few other factors which I will discuss after I have put down my settings. I would also say at this point that I have owned an R1 since February last year and so have been through a couple of upgrades and a lot of tweaking (not twerking, Jesus, bagsta twerking now there is an image). I have also run many tests to see if things like throttling works.
Most of the games that I have these settings for are for Call of Duty and have been tried on Black ops 2, Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3 and even Call of Duty 4 Modern warfare the one true and best Call of Duty ever made.
So here we go,
I have British Telecom fibre to the cabinet internet piped into my home to an Open Reach modem.
This then connects directly to my R1 router and no other router is included.
My router is placed at least 2 feet away from any other electrical device. (This is important as my cordless telephone kept interfering with the R1 and making it reboot)
Out of the router comes a cat6 cable into a Power plug Which then distributes the interweb all over my home network.
This gives me with everything on the R1 set to 100% around 30 MB download and 6 MB Upload with a base ping of 11MS.

It may be worth checking your speeds with your ISP router before setting up the R1.
OK so now we are connected to the interweb we need to set this bad boy up so that it consistently puts us into low ping lobbies. It can be a little daunting at first but the Netduma forum is full of people who can and will help if you ask in a polite manner. However here is what works for me.
On the Congestion control page under the Anti flood you can input your bandwidth settings. We got these figures earlier mine were 30 down and 6 up. Here I input 28 down and 5 up. I do this because it leaves a little excess just in case.
Download and upload caps for me are both at 70%.
This works for me but I will add that many people swear by lowering the upload to something like 10% so that the upload runs at around 300k-500k, I have tried it and it makes no consistent difference to me but the amount of people who do this means that there may some mileage in it for you to try despite it defying all the laws of physics.
Next we have the distribution flower, at the moment there is a minor bug in the software which renders this part of the process much easier to set,  Simply make everything have the same prioritisation by clicking reset and make sure that share excess is ticked.
Under Miscellaneous settings Untick things like IPV6 etc, the image above shows what I have mine set to and scroll down the page and make sure that bleeding edge and auto cloud are ticked.

Now to the Host filtering page and the Geo filter. This for me is the backbone and most brilliant thing about this router. It allows ME to decide what distance I am happy connecting to a host with or what ping I am happy to connect with.
First off make sure that under your device the filter is saying disable. This means that it is enabled as if you click on it it will "Disable" it. So many people don't get this and for the life of me I cannot understand why.
I set my filter to cover the UK and Northern France with ping assist set to 30 MS and on Black ops 3 I will usually be put onto the dedicated server on the South Coast of the UK.
If it puts me into lobbies in the Netherlands I will lower my ping assist or tighten up the filter as that server plays garbage for me.
Many people in the States say that the Seattle server is really bad so they avoid that one.
If you only want to connect to a certain ping you can put your home in the ocean and put your filter to as low as it will go and input the ping you want to connect to. However remember that it will not connect you to a game with a lower ping than you can actually get.
Also remember and this is VERY important, any changes you make will take 2 minutes to come into effect. This is a built in anti cheat feature. I know I know it's unbelievable to think that people might cheat at Call of Duty.

For the most part these settings work well for me and playing Team Death Match for the most part I will go positive. Before the R1 my KDR on TDM struggled to be positive. Here is a screen shot from a couple of days ago.
A few other factors to take into account, when playing game modes like Domination on Black Ops 3 I have never seen so many corner camping flag camping little shits massaging their precious KDR in any Call of Duty I have ever played. With this in mind you may have to alter your play style to how the lobby is playing.
You will also need to be very honest with yourself. I am as guilty as the next man of screaming "GODDAMN LAG" at the screen when I am killed when in reality I simply was not on target. I have seen players upload video footage claiming that they were getting horrendous lag but when you watch the video they are simply not actually on target.
After months of testing and tweaking playing with the Geo filter on and off I can say that there is a marked difference overall in favour of using the Netduma R1.
I am not affiliated with them in any way and the above are simply a few settings of what I use on a daily basis to connect to hosts with low ping which is after all, all the R1 really claims to do. It will not turn you into a gaming god by plugging it in, It WILL help you get into lobbies with low ping to host and help sort out any congestion on your local network which will help level the playing field and give you a better gaming experience.
It is not plug and play and can be a little frustrating when first setting things up but as I said before, pop along to the forum and there is a lot of really cool helpful people willing to help if you are polite.
Its also worth remembering that the developers of games are also responsible for quite a lot of any remaining WTF moments in your gaming.
Also remember that the R1 cannot affect who else the game lets into the lobby you are in and this can have a negative affect on a game but go shout at the developers of the games for that one.
And as a final thought, A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete idiots!!!

Peace out Y'all. THE BAGSTAXXX


  1. Nice article and thx for sharing ur settings :)

  2. Thanks, if you want anymore tips etc or help with the R1 feel free to ask