Thursday, 7 January 2016

GT Omega Racing Chair review and dropping balls!!!

Hello again interweb, I was somewhat surprised today to briefly see a small amount of blue sky, I had to pinch myself to make sure that it was real. The weather has recently here in Blighty been a pale shade of shite for weeks now with about a 3rd of the country under water.
Viper still hasn't decided where we are going on holiday yet and we are only a few weeks from departure.
Anyway yesterday I took delivery of a rather heavy box containing my new office / games room chair.
It is a GT Omega racing chair and weighing in at £169.00 plus postage is not the cheapest chair on the market but here are a few of my thoughts on the chair.
First off its bloody heavy and getting the box up the stairs to the games room was a bit of a struggle due to my glass back.
The reason I bought it in the first place is due to having had 3 operations on my spine already and probably needing a 4th. My previous gaming chair had no lumbar support and was getting quite painful to sit in.
Anyway after getting the damn box up the apples I opened it up.
Straight away the chair had a touch and feel of solid quality. Removing all the contents of the box and laying them out before assembly gave me a reassuring feeling that this was a quality product.
After a quick read through the destructions assembly began. I had read a few reviews which said that it required 2 people to assemble the chair but I began anyway.
The bolts that fasten the base to the back are already inserted into the chair back and so a quick unscrew with the supplied allen key had these out and the back was quickly and solidly attached to the base.
The bolts are solid and the fitting is spot on, fastening them up to almost tight all the way around and then finally nipping them all up tight I find works best making alignment that bit easier.
Ok so that was the base to back bit completed with no problems at all. I left the covers to after full assembly but you could attach them at this point, Simply use the M6 bolts to attach the uprights and remove the screws from the base and use them to attach the bottom covers.
Next we need to attach the mechanism to the base of the chair and this is where I am sure many people have ended up scratching their heads and swearing a little before realising that the instruction that are included are totally wrong.
The bolts are already fastened into the base and so need to be removed. Then the mechanism needs to be placed on the base and fastened to it. The destructions tell you to make sure that the handle is on the right side and the image shows the handle sticking out on the right side.
If I had done this then the adjustment under the seat would have been behind the seat and this makes no sense at all.

So I trusted my instincts and put it on the way I thought it should go with the adjustment thingy to the front of the seat and the handle sticking out on the left.
I am not sure if the destructions mean the handle is to stick out on the right when upright or not but the image shows it sticking out whilst inverted so just be aware if you buy one and assemble it yourself.
The next stage is the bit that I guess is easier done with 2 people but as I am a stubborn old bastard I decided to make a cuppa and then do it on my own.
It only took a couple of attempts before the seat was fastened to the base and the chair was installed into the games room / office.
You can as an optional extra buy locking castors but as mine is resting on a rug I did not think they would be needed and I was right, the chair moves around fine when I want ti to and stays still when needed.
Time from opening the box to finally sitting in it was 60 minutes including a coffee break.
The pillow and lumbar support are great, especially for my glass back and the chair kind of makes you sit correctly. You can fully recline the back and pretty much lay flat out and I could easily fall asleep in this chair it really is that comfortable. The height is also adjustable
It feels solid and is without doubt the most sturdy piece of furniture that I have ever put together.
Whilst not the cheapest chair on the market I do feel that for the amount of time I spend sat in it it is well worth the price.
In other news I was perusing twitter as is my want on occasions when I saw that Tmartn the youtuber had tweeted that he had a super hoarse voice.
No need to go to the doctor tmart, your balls have dropped. Now we wont have to listen to his squeaky voice anymore. His video's may actually be watchable with the volume on.
Anyway interweb that's probably enough from me today so I will leave you with this thought,
I think that God in creating Man somewhat overestimated his ability,

Peace out Yall, THE BAGSTAXXX