Monday, 1 February 2016

Doing bugger all.

Hello interweb, I am currently sitting in the air conditioned comfort of my bungalow which is literally 20 ft from the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Just a few feet of powder white soft sand separate us. 
It's 31 degrees C and a gentle breeze is blowing across the island.
As has been mentioned before I am not a very sociable person and so as you can see this place suits me just fine. ;)
Done a bit of snorkelling and a lot of laying about doing fuck all.
Last time I was on this particular island was 10 years ago and the barman actually remembers me. Lol
Sorry this is such a short post interwb but I have a pressing urge to get back to doing fuck all.
So I'll see ya soon,
The BagstaXXX

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