Saturday, 30 December 2017

Snow, Photography and Holidays!!!

Well interweb it has been a while since our paths have crossed.
The weather of late has turned a pale shade of shit but with the snow came an opportunity to get out with my camera to get a few shots of the pretty views before it started raining and all turned to slushy wet cold crap.
One thing that you have to remember when taking photographs in the snow is that the bright white stuff actually fools your camera meter. This means that if you go with the setting that the camera suggests your snow will turn out all grey and dull.
This can be countered by over exposing the image by using the exposure compensation feature or switching it to manual settings and over exposing by about 2 stops.

All this cold weather and about 6 months of personal crap has left myself and Viper in need of a holiday to be honest and so we are looking at trying to get away before the end of March for a couple of weeks, otherwise known as a fortnight just to annoy any Americans reading. lol
Embudu Village in the Maldives is looking favourite at the minute and the weather at this time of year is pretty damn good as well.
All the adverts on the TV have holiday destinations being advertised and this is not helping in my mood.
I'm going to try and take and post more photographs this year so hopefully I will be interacting with you more often in the coming weeks.
Till then I have a bottle of Lanson to interact with as tonight is my New Years Eve as I will be working overnights on the actual New Years Eve and New Years Day.

So I will bid you goodbye for now and I shall go and indulge myself in a glass or 5.

Peace out Y'all The BAGSTA XXXX

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