Thursday, 29 June 2017

Restaurant Zero, Sun Island Maldives. !!!

After a recent vacation to the Maldives Feel I have to tell people about the amazing Restaurant Zero on Sun Island Resort and Spa.

Having arrived on Sun Island in the Maldives the largest tourist island in the Republic of the Maldives I was intrigued to see a restaurant named Zero, advertised as an ecologically zero impact restaurant serving up ecologically sustainable food from its menu.

After a brief chat with Aurine from guest services I asked if I could take a few photographs and if there was any more information that she could give me regarding how the restaurant worked.

The following day Aurine escorted me to the Zero restaurant where I was met by Abdulla Mausoom Ph.D. The General Manager of the island. (+960 7791001

We sat down for a chat and he explained a little more about how the restaurant came about and how it has developed.

This unique restaurant has been running for around four years now in it's current state with tree top alfresco dining and whilst it's humble roots started as a team idea for growing coconuts, bananas and other agricultural products it is now a fully fledged eco friendly restaurant. The only one of it's kind in whole Republic of the Maldives.

Guests can walk through the gardens and select their own produce which the experienced chefs then prepare for them.
There are several different types of lettuce to choose from, basil, rosemary and other fresh herbs are also grown in the solar powered hydroponic buildings.

Not all produce served at Restaurant Zero is grown on site and this is a conscious decision from the management team so that some produce from other local farmers can be purchased which helps the local economy.
It's all about balance Mr Mausoom explained.
“The local economy benefits we benefit and the guests benefit from a great tasting dining experience.”
Zero restaurant offers a healthy menu which can be combined with fish or meat dishes should the guests so choose.
As I sipped on some fresh coconut milk a waiter delivered 3 stunning plates of food for me to sample. 

The flavours were exceptional and the fresh tuna in the “All greens with Maldivian Tuna Chunk Salad” simply bursting with flavour. The chicken in the “Zero Special” just makes the mouth water 
with flavour and taste and the Fresh Herb Marinated Chicken Winglets are quite simply to die for.

As I explained to Mr Mausoom that they beat KFC hands down he joked that he likes KFC, Pizza Hut and Burger King when he visits Europe.
The chicken comes from a poultry farm dedicated to rearing chicken and producing eggs just for restaurant zero.
All produce is grown using organic fertilisers and the whole production is self sufficient.

The restaurant has set opening times but guests can request special opening times for romantic dinners if they so choose and they always try to accommodate any reasonable requests.
Mr M, Waheed the Executive Chef has been in the food industry for over 40 years and has 23 years working with the Villa chain under his belt.

He is responsible for engineering the menu and bringing about any changes.
Each meal is individually prepared, there is no mass production of anything.
In 2016 Sun Island won an award for the most eco friendly island in the Republic of the Maldives.
The large banana plantation and the production of water melons which is a project being run by the chairmans daughter must go someway towards helping towards a Zero carbon footprint.
The water melon plantation has sun flowers growing throughout to attract bees to help with pollination.

There has been a lot of thought gone into Restaurant Zero and if you ever find yourself on Sun Island I strongly recommend a visit here. It might not ease the guilt of 3 aeroplanes and a boat worth of carbon footprint to get here but your taste buds will thank you for weeks to come.  

Peace out Y'all, The BagstaXXX

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