Saturday, 23 July 2016

Back ache, Logitech G29 wheel and Serial Killers !!!!

Hello there interweb, Reverend Bagsta69 is back after a few months break, Why the break? Well to be honest there has been so much shit flying about in the world and hate on the interweb from internet keyboard hard men I simply couldn't be arsed to sit down and put my arthritic fingers to the keyboard.
Couple that with the world of pain I am in at the minute with what I suspect is another slipped disk for which I am chewing my way through a mountain if Morphine, Gabapentin Naproxen and paracetamol every day and writing a blog post hasn't really been a priority.
However I am here now and so would like to talk about my latest purchase for mission control.
The Logitech G29 Steering wheel and pedals.
With GT Sport coming out later in the year I thought Id spread the cost early and get the wheel first.

 I picked up a used copy of project cars as well as all the reviews have it down as one of the best sims out there.
On unboxing the first impression I got was one of having bought a quality product, it is weighty and smells like a new car.

Having owned the Logitech Driving force for many years (GT5 onwards) this is a major step up in quality and feel. The 3 pedals on the heavy base are stainless steel as are the flappy paddle gear shift levers which feel great and perfectly weighted and sprung.
The hand stitched leather cover for the wheel just adds to the quality feel of the wheel.
There are grooves on the underside of the base unit for the cables to sit in so that it sits flat on any surface and there is enough room in the underside to store any spare cable.

The unit clamps on the a surface in much the same way as the previous logitech wheels only this time you can then fasten down the bits you use to screw the clamp tight with to make the whole base unit look that bit tidier.
The wheel itself has all the button fixed to it that you have on your PS4 controller all within easy finger reach whilst gaming and the alluminium spokes to the wheel and blue top mark really set the whole wheel off as a nice bit of kit.
The Wheel can be used on PC, PS3 or PS4 and there is a small switch on the top of one of the inner spokes to set this to.
And so to actually gaming and driving with this wheel.
It feels great and very realistic, the force feedback gives a good feel back to you and the pedals are very realistic. The brake pedal unlike previous set ups gives more resistance the more you depress it giving it a very realistic feel which took me a few races to get used to if Im honest.
The base of the pedals has the usual drop out spiked bit to stop it sliding on carpet of rubber feet if using on a hard surface..
However, after about an hour gaming all of a sudden a message flashed up on screen telling me that my controller had been disconnected.
It appeared that it had and nothing on the wheel worked. I had to switch stuff off and restart. None of the cables had come unplugged but it seemed to work again fine when I had rebooted.
About an hour later the same thing happened again. Hmmmmm, not a happy bunny.
The message "your controller has been disconnected message appeared again.
Thinking that it was to much of a coincidence the old grey matter went into thought process mode and came up with the solution.
In the PS4 settings I had set it up to shut down the controller after 60 minutes of inactivity. I adjusted this to never switch off when inactive and the problem was solved.
Project cars is probably one of the best sims I have ever played and the physics of the cars etc is amazing. The G29 has so many things you can adjust in game as well it's like it was built for the game.
Best price I found was £170.00 from Currys / PC World. Well worth the investment for the improvements made in my opinion.
Click here to see a couple of laps of Le Sarthe in Astons. :)

And so before I drift off to chew on some more drugs I will leave you as always with some thoughts from the depths of my grey matter.
"We must be willing to get rid of the life we are living in order to live the life we need" and before you humiliate somebody, remember that humiliation is one of the biggest reasons people become serial killers.

Peace out yall, THE BAGSTA. XXX

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