Sunday, 23 December 2012

Operations, Nurses and Cherry Blossom Cammo!!!

Good afternoon interweb, and a very windy one it is out of the office window.
Well Christmas is nearly upon us for another year and to be honest I am not really feeling particularly festive yet.
I think the main reason is my second visit to hospital for the recurrent disk decompression surgery. The first op went fine but the disk decided to splurge again for want of a better word.
I didn’t realise the problems associated with cutting open the same wound just four weeks later.
The second operation went fine but it was whilst in the recovery room things started to go south. As my eyes opened and I regained conciousness I was all too aware of pain in my back, excruciating pain, as in as if I had no anaesthetic at all.
It was at this point I began to scream in agony and my blood pressure went through the roof, All types of pain killers and other drugs were injected into me and you know things are wrong when you hear the anaesthetist say that they have given me enough pain killers to kill most people and can’t give anymore.
Over an hour later the pain had subsided enough to put me back in my room. So the surgeon, anaesthetist and four nurses escorted me back on my trolley. Over the next couple of hours the pain killers did kick in and I was off my tits singing to Emily my nurse, she particularly liked my rendition of “Jingle bells Jingle bells I want some more drugs” followed by arm flopping out of bed. 

   The staff were all amazing and wanted me to stay another day but I’d had enough and decided to go home but only after they had fed me a couple of more times.
This time I am proper broken, busted and in need of repair, I think it may take a while to come back from this one interweb and as I lay in bed having a whole new level of respect for people who have full time disabilities I was somewhat disgruntled to say the least to receive a call from work. Disgruntled may not be the right phrase but I was in no way gruntled ill tell you that for nothing.
They wanted to discuss my back to work plan and wondered if I minded if they posted out some forms for me to fill in for occupational health. Those of you who know me personally will I’m sure imagine the reaction, letters have been written.
In other news it’s that time of year when strictly and all the other dross on the telly comes to an end and Fi wanted to watch the strictly final and in my current state who was I to argue!!!!!!
All I can say is anybody who does the Charleston dance in 2012 needs shooting. Please just remove their genes from the pool. Have they any idea what complete and utter t###s they look?
That survived I decided to have a few games of Black ops and unlocked the Cherry Blossom camo for my rocket Launcher,

There is something very perverse about pulling out a rocket launcher and causing absolute chaos with it when it is painted like cherry blossom, I love it and will endeavour to take a photo of me raining death with it in the near future.
Another thing I have come to realise whilst spending far too much time thinking is that the phrase never argue with an inanimate object can take on a whole new meaning when discussing religion or politics which are basically the same thing. Some people actually become inanimate objects and no logic or reasoning will sway them from their steadfast “beliefs” however misguided. Even pointing out the contradictions in their own views will just be met with derision so I have decided to simply stop talking when these subjects are brought up in future, I feel it is best all round as I know what havoc I can wreak with a cherry blossom rocket launcher.
And so it comes to pass interweb that I will leave you today with some drivel,
There's an evolutionary imperative why we give a crap about our family and friends. And there's an evolutionary imperative why we don't give a crap about anybody else. If we loved all people indiscriminately, we couldn't function, and I have found over the years that if you do right, it will gratify some people and astonish the rest.,
Peace out yall and Merry Christmas HO HO HO! THE BAGSTAXXXX

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