Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Incompetence, Boobs and Indifference!!!

Good afternoon interweb, its flipping cold again today. I think as I age I feel the effects of the cold weather more and more.
I am today mostly rolling my eyes at the incompetence of others....... Again. It doesn’t matter how many times you inform some people of something they still, month after month after month fail to get it through their thick skulls and continue to make the same mistakes time after time.
This kind of behaviour I would in my mellowing old age let slide, however when it comes to my money and me been a Yorkshire man etc etc 2 copper coins and wire jokes aside etc etc I will not let it slide. So once again I have had to take time out of my not very busy schedule if I’m honest to remonstrate AGAIN to this individual.
Cabin fever is not making my mood any more pleasant either.  I tried to cure my cabin fever yesterday by leaving the house. I had things to post and cash to be taken from the bank, the ATM machine I hasten to add.
So unable to drive yet I braved a call to mother, bless her the 9 psi in the rear tyres of her car was the first thing to be addressed. Mum is either an amazing judge of distance or the the luckiest person I know who drives around. The 2 mm gaps between cars as we raced about at warp speed certainly got my heart pumping and was very good cardio vascular exercise despite the sheer terror it also produced.
Walking to the ATM was pleasantly pain free although I am having to learn to walk without a limp which is a lot stranger than it sounds having ambled about for the last 8 months. It’s the standing that hurts so mother was dispatched to the post office to stand in the Que and post the parcels.
All done a quick 1 mile drive of terror that would make any ride at Alton Towers look like a spin in a tea cup and I was home again.
It was at this point that I realised that this whole recovery thing may take a while. Ive been thinking that ill be fine in a couple of weeks.
This is clearly not the case. Whilst I am not ill in the true sense of the word my abilities are severely restricted. I had to take to my bed for sleep and did so for around 3 hours. I got up and ate food and drank a mere 3 glasses of wine before heading for bed again where I slept a further 12 hours.
In other news as I was walking through the living room today past the TV which for some unknown reason was showing Loose Women, I caught a glimpse of Carol Vorderman. 

My goodness I swear to god she has had a boob job. Magnificent things sticking out in a red sweater.
The view quickly changed to a shot of one of the less pleasant “ladies” so I continued on to the office. Where I started thinking about how indifferent the universe is.
It isn’t particularly hostile but neither is it friendly. It doesn’t really care if all our theories about it are correct or spectacularly wrong it is just indifferent. I know a few people like that. No passion, for anything. They’re generally quite dull and not very sure of themselves or their beliefs. Bette Davis once said “I was thought to be 'stuck up.' I wasn't. I was just sure of myself. This is and always has been an unforgivable quality to the unsure.” She may have been onto something there. However despite the universes indifference it is not dull.
Well interweb it’s about time I had a siesta been as need them at the minute more than usual, this could prove a problem as my little Rottweiler is packing to go home to Ireland for a few days leaving me to play Black Ops 2 on the PS3 24/7. Or when I’m conscious at least. So I will leave you with the drivel for the day.
One of the lessons of history is that nothing is often a good thing to do and always a clever thing to say and remember that any piece of clothing can be sexy with a quietly passionate woman inside it and desperate is not a sexual preference!!!!!
Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

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