Friday, 28 December 2012

Cabin fever, Time and Homeless people!!!

Good afternoon interweb, it is yet another dull dreary day outside and so the cabin fever has lifted enough for me to be arsed to put fingers to keyboard. Not because I’m feeling any better but at least I’m not missing out on anything.
I’ve spent five and a half  weeks locked indoors now with only the occasional foray out into the real world and the voices have come back.
 Christmas has been and gone and this year I didn’t get a wallet, result. I have a collection of them I have so many.
Do people think I’m well off or something? People who know me know damn well I try my best to keep my wallet closed at all times so I could never wear one out necessitating the need for a new one.
However I did receive a rather nice mug and a watch which has a few clever tricks up it’s sleeve. The watch not the mug. The mug is a let us prey mug with a picture of a shark and the watch has codes for which country you are in, you set the code and it tells you what time it is where you are. Some sort of atomic clock type thing. I also have lots of sweets. Oh and the mug serves up a lovely cup of tea:)
The watch brings me round to the complex yet simple matter of Time.
The voices make me think a lot more than is good for a human and this usually ends up with my brain getting all tied up in some paradox or other.
Let us think for a moment about time and time travel which  I believe is possible but would mean we would need to conquer the speed of light first which I have discussed in depth on previous blog posts.
Time and the time paradox is quite a complex thing and there are many theories on the subject.
Is time physical? Surely if we can manipulate time then it must have some physical properties to manipulate in the first place.
Time travel does throw up some complex situations such as the time paradox.
A typical example of time paradox or temporal paradox would be the grandfather paradox, where a person goes back in time to kill his grandfather before he had any biological descendant. If they succeed, one of their parents would never exist and they themselves would never exist either. This would make it impossible for them to go back in time in the first place, making them unable to kill their grandfather, who would continue to produce offspring and restart the situation. But if they fail, their grandfather would be alive and produce offspring, one of whom would eventually conceive the time traveller and the whole scenario would start over.
You can see the problem. There is the time line protection idea that would stop the paradox occurring, for instance the time traveller would appear somewhere else, the gun would jam, anything to protect the time line from screwing up.
There is the multiple universe theory where a time traveller would end up in a parallel universe thus only affecting the time line in that universe and also the branching universe theory. Here the time traveller would cause time to branch at the point that the time travel occurred.
There is also the theory of “changes allowed without resolution to paradoxes. This is currently what I am leaning towards. It may be my cabin fever brain that is the cause of this but stick with me for a moment if you are still here.
Say the traveller went back in time and did something that would prevent his or her existence from coming to being. When the traveller returns to his or her own time to resume their time line all effects that they have had on that universe would be negated. It would be like they never existed. I think that this can actually be a reasonable explanation (well reasonable in my mind) for all the homeless people. Sure some are just too damn lazy to do anything about their situation but some don’t show up on any radar at all. No social security numbers or record of any kind can be found of their existence. It is my belief that these people are time travellers. So be nice to them and buy them a sandwich.
Now then interweb whilst we are on the subject of time here is some time related drivel, Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you and remember well that regret for wasted time is more wasted time.
Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

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