Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Painkillers, Mars and plastic!!! lalala hipho gogo tipchpow happy days!

Good day to you interweb, I trust you are well and that everything is functioning as it should.
The weather outside my office window is a pale shade of shite as ever and the dull grey leaden sky that stretches to the horizon is not particularly inspiring.
I have been trying my best not to take pain killers for the hole in my back but this morning I’m afraid I have succumb to the pain and insistence from friends to take some, so dihydrocodeine and diclofenac have been consumed and as such I take no responsibility for the following.
During my interludes from blowing stuff up and shooting things in an ever increasing rage due to lag on Blops2 I have had moments of thoughtfulness, (that said last nights connections late on were great, went positive in every game)
We as a race seem consumed by a desire to go to far flung planets in some sort of misguided need due to ever dwindling resources on our own.
If we look at the likelihood of this actually happening in the near future we are going to be very disappointed.
The nearest and probable most likely planet that we will travel to in the future would be Mars. 

 Which varies it’s distance from earth due to it’s orbit but in March was 62.6 million miles away.
 Now lets face it that ain't going to happen in the near future is it? and lets also face the fact that the most hospitable and pleasant part of Mars is far less pleasant than the worst  most inhospitable place on our own planet, and yes that does include London.
It is my belief that we may be looking in the wrong place.
Around 75% of our planet is made up of water, it isn’t called the blue planet for nothing.
 We already have the technology to explore our oceans and yet few people are doing so, masses of untapped resources lie in the ocean and beneath it.
A few forward thinking people high in the government of some countries have come to realise this and as such I think have been busy planting their respective countries flags beneath the ice caps etc, or was that a dream? It’s difficult to tell. Ill google it later and see,
Anyway it’s much more likely that we will explore our oceans than deep space anytime soon so hopefully I will soon be able to say “told you so” and have a feeling of great self righteousness.
 However I am fully aware that a lot of the time being right is often not enough.
Oh get me, can I get any further up there, lol.
A big problem that not too many people are aware of is the amount of crap that we actually deposit in this great untapped resource, 26 million tons of plastic alone is dumped into the oceans across the world every year.

 This plastic will eventually break down and sink to the ocean floor forming a sedimentary layer that I’m quite sure will in geology classes of the distant future be known as the Anthropocene period.
Anyway interweb I'm rambling now so as is customary I will leave you with some drivel, If a problem has no solution, it may not be a problem, but a fact, I have also found that no matter what happens in your life that it is best to keep going, you never know you may just stumble upon something. I have never heard of anyone stumbling on something sitting down and remember this, Don't think there are no crocodiles because the water is calm.
Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

N.B. No opiate based painkillers were harmed during the writing of this blog post.

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