Friday, 14 September 2012

Pain in butt, the Moon and Gloating!!!

Good afternoon interweb, well it appears that the weather has turned a pale shade of shite again and not for the first time this year.  The dark nights are drawing in and the heating has been fired up.
Not a great deal has been going on on planet Bagsta of late apart from my ailing body falling to pieces a little more each day. Today is a twisted knee bit which means I really am now walking like an extra from a zombie movie limping with the pain going through my right butt cheek and down that leg and now trying to correct all that with another limp on the left leg due to a damaged knee. It really would be much easier to just take me to a vet and have me put down.
Fi is off on a Hen weekend in a forest with the lovely Lou and a few other ladies leaving me home alone till Monday morning. Oh the mischief I could get up to if it wasn’t for been in such a bad physical state. Damn this ailing body, damn it I say.
In other news I was out at Upper Derwent water the other evening wanting to get some more shots of the milky way but the moon was so bloody bright there was no way that was going to happen so I tried my hand at a little night landscape stuff.
 When I returned home the moon was just visible above the houses so I had my first attempt at shooting stuff through a telescope. The one the lovely Dr Ridsdale loaned me. It’s a lot harder than I first thought. Trying to balance the shutter speed, aperture and iso to get good images is not that easy but it has given me a starting point.

And so we now come to the drivel section of today’s blog,
Gloating is a sure sign of insecurity, fusion is the way forward, people would sooner believe a big lie than a small one and every journey into the past is filled with false memories, wishful remembered lies and a rose tinted view of how things were, the sobering truth is somewhat different so stop looking back.
Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

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