Friday, 22 June 2012

Ears, Martyrdom and a good scratch!!!!

Good afternoon interweb, I have decided I am going to continue to flirt with you for a while longer. Maybe not as much as you would like but flirt I will.
I have just returned from the doctors as I have gone deaf in my left ear overnight. This along with my prolapsed disk is making me wonder whether or not it would simply be best to just have me put down!
I went to see the nurse who for some reason decided to try and syringe my right ear which I could hear out of perfectly well. I am now deaf in both ears and have started to shout at everything and everybody due to my lack of hearing.
I have been sent away to put olive oil in my ears for five days, presumably to make me look like a twat when it dribbles out in public.
Whilst I was sat waiting to see the nurse I couldn’t help but peruse the contents of the table and it’s reading matter. Nat Geo, Glamour magazine, OK, the usual collections and then I spotted “Buses”, the magazine. “Buses is written for and read by an audience that extends from senior industry professionals to passionately interested enthusiasts.” Oh come on people, really!
Anyway, I left deaf as a post and am now listening to a bit of GnR and fear that most of the neighbourhood will be as well as I can’t tell what volume it is blaring out at.
I'm currently struggling to shift the weight I put on during my holiday due to my lack of exercise whilst there and the back problems are not really helping at all. 
With these issues in mind, (mainly the glass back) I may put off my desire to purchase a big f##k off telescope and a new dslr body with a better sensor to attach to it for a while. I think I have reached the limit of what I can do with my current kit. Still some belting images but just not good enough for my exacting standards.
In other news I noticed on the BBC News that some arseholes have been blowing themselves up again. The process is called Martyrdom. Martyrdom... is the only way in which a man "or women" (monty python time lol) can become famous without ability.
To be honest the majority don’t even realise notoriety never mind fame, fu##wits.
I have recently been receiving cv’s from prospective employee’s. Young people sending in their respective bits of paper telling me how good they are at various tasks and that they have a bit of paper to wave about informing everybody they have a gcseobtec diploma in mediaindustryadvertisingnessfilmandtelevisionphoto qualification of some sort or other. Quite frankly I don’t give a shit because not one of them actually put down that they enjoyed photography as a hobby. I'm sorry  but I'm 43 and still class photography as my hobby.
They enjoy nights out and popular music and going to festivals and meeting people. I still don’t give a shit. Anybody can be given a dslr and can take in focus correctly exposed photographs with very little tuition these days. That does not make somebody a photographer. It is my belief that you have to have a passion for it and really love what your doing.
When we had clear nights in the Indian Ocean and everybody else was in the bar I was out getting eaten alive on the beach taking shots of the night sky because to me the view was amazing.
There are also far too many pixel peepers these days as well, all hung up on sensor size and resolution and iso range etc etc. The purpose of photography is to create an interesting image that people may look more than once at, and that has little to do with sensor size and resolution for the most part.
Obviously certain types of photography will require new cameras and telescopes with better resolution etc etc and I may indeed eventually have to invest in such equipment.
Right then interweb I have flirted with you enough for one day and so here is some drivel, Excuses are tools of incompetence that build monuments of nothingness and those who specialise in them seldom do anything else, the will to be stupid is a very powerful force, but there are always alternatives and I have in my old age come to live by a simple philosophy of filling what is empty, emptying what is full and having a bloody good scratch where it itches.
Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

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