Monday, 14 May 2012

V5, Kleptomania and Goodbye Interweb!!!

Hello interweb, It is a fine bright day if not a little bit breezy out there today.
I would like today to start with a very nice e-mail I received off a friend called Tony, we met him when we were on holiday in Aruba and drank with him most evenings and Tony and his wife Tracy joined us for dinner on several occasions.
Hi Gary
 Hope your both well,just thought i would drop you a line just to let you know after talking with you and what you did to combat your high blood pressure,after Christmas i decided i wanted to do something about my weight and have shed 3 stone and my bmi is down 4.0 and still able to have my comfort food and drink :) thanks to you.”

To think that I have had a positive influence on another person is for me quite shocking if I'm honest. I mean lets face it, as I have had pointed out to me on several occasions I vomit petulance like it is going out of fashion and generally piss and moan about everything I possibly can. Maybe its because I was on holiday and I wasn’t quite so orrible. Anyway, the e-mail put a smile on my face for once.
Was working Sunday at the hospital and spent most of the shift on visits with the lovely Dr Ridsdale, the time passes so much quicker when your out and about with a nice Doctor.
My corrected V5 document hit the doormat this morning and I eagerly opened it up to find out what they had cocked up this time and I wasn’t to be disappointed.
All fine except that I must have written the capital E at the end of Bagshawe in invisible ink as it appears to be missing that letter on my name. I think I will settle for it as is rather than risk any more monumental cock ups as this one has gone on for a while now.
Maybe I'm just too picky or I expect too much from people or maybe I'm just not English enough to accept crap.
One thing I do know is that I have given the lawn which is now mostly moss it’s first cut of the year and this exercise has thrown my back out and so now I'm having difficulty bending from the waist to pick stuff up etc.
The windows are pretty much in now with only two cracked pieces of glass which will be replaced and most of the plaster on the inside has fallen off and we are still living in a building site but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, when we reach it there will probably be a sign telling us to please switch off the light before leaving.
In other news “It has Begun” my life as a BT advert started today. Mum called to inform me that her router etc had arrived so I called round to set it all up for her. She reliably informed me that her line had been ready for about a week now so I was a little surprised that the broadband light would not turn from orange to blue. After 20 minutes on the phone to BT and line checks etc the BT chap informed me that the line was only made ready today and it could take up to 24 hours before it could be used for broadband.
If this was mums revenge for me walking into the shop and asking her if she had got over her kleptomania yet in front of the shop owner I was not laughing.
Well interweb We will be on a beach in the Maldives this time in 2 weeks time and to be honest it cant come soon enough for me. 3 shifts at the hospital left and a few invoices to send out and were outa here.
And so it comes to pass interweb that I fear I may have to split up with you. Not just because of the holiday or anything really.
You see it’s not you it’s me. Really you have done nothing wrong but I fear we must go our separate ways. You have served your purpose on my mission to stop smoking without exploding and a great job you have done too but I'm afraid our little affair is over.
I may call in when I'm passing to say hi like an old boyfriend but for the most part I will bid you farewell.
So I will come to some drivel for the last time old friend,
Hold a true friend with both hands, and if you remember nothing else from my ramblings remember this one thing which is that you're beautiful, so don't let other people tell you that you're not just because you don't look like the people in magazines. Or because you're not that weird ideal body image that's out there right now.
Goodbye for now,
Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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