Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Singing, a universe made of dough and incompetence!!!

Good afternoon interweb, we will start as usual with a quick weather update, it shite, rain is imminent and it is generally depressing looking out of the window.
I have not been gaming too much of late, life has generally got in the way but last night I managed to meet up with Bev (Alex) and Maria for a few rounds of MW3.
I forgot how much fun it was gaming with them two loons you know. Had a mix of game types, team death match, domination and demolition etc. I think I was singing on underground whilst shooting the crap out of the enemy. No encores were requested so singing is obviously not one of my forte’s.
Top laugh although I have no idea how Maria manages to play with  Misha’s snoring volume turned up to 11.
The connections were reasonable till about half past midnight when the magic switch was flicked and the connection went down the crapper.
As regular visitors here know I often wonder about the universe and it’s contents and this on occasions gets me to thinking about stuff and trying to explain it in a way even I could understand.
You see that thinking thing has been going on again and I would like if I may, to try to explain what an expanding universe means and how it does it.
You see in previous posts I have explained how we know that the universe is expanding by looking at the red light from distant stars. The light is red because the light has a long wave length meaning that it is moving away from us, much like the sound of a train whistle as it goes away from you is in the long wave length.
So we know that the universe is expanding but what does that actually mean?
It is very difficult to explain but I will try, you see it isn’t actually expanding so much as it is stretching. A bit like a sheet of rubber or a balloon inflating.
The best way to look at it is to imagine a massive lump of dough, you know the stuff you make bread out of. OK so we have the dough, now throw in a handful of raisins to take the place of galaxies.
Now if we put this dough in the oven and heat it up a bit the dough expands and the raisins  move apart from one another in much the same way as galaxies move away from each other in the universe as it expands but here’s the clincher, whilst the raisins are moving away from one another they are in fact still in the same place relative to the dough. They are still next to the very same bit of dough as they were before it started to expand.
OK so now your head has probably exploded if you have half a brain as you suddenly begin to realise how all this shit works so I will give you a minute to put it all back together.
Right then now we have that principle firmly entrenched in your grey matter let us look at the distance between two galaxies.
Traditionally this would simply mean clipping one end of a tape measure to one galaxy and then heading on to the next a reading off the measurement as the other galaxy heads away from us.
However looking at this in the correct way and using the dough and raisins way of looking at things the tape measure will not actually read any different as the galaxies move further apart.
When you release the tape measure and it comes back in with a manly clunk you will notice something a little strange has happened.
Due to the stretching of space your tape measure will also have stretched and when you compare it to one you had in your tool box the markings will be twice as far apart.
Now this is pretty much what happens to light as it travels between galaxies, it gets stretched and thus it enters the red part of the spectrum. This is what leads us to see redshifted light when we look at faraway galaxies, and it is measurements of this redshift that allow us to estimate the distances to these galaxies.
Right then I think that is more than enough head f#####g for one day so here is some drivel, I have come to realise over the years that I am merely competent. But in an age of gross incompetence, that makes me an extraordinary person and if you grasped even a tiny amount of what is written above then you too are quite an extraordinary individual, and so whilst we are still capable of thinking remember that sometimes you can get so anaesthetised by your own pain or your own problems that you don't quite fully share the hell of someone close to you.
Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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