Thursday, 31 May 2012

Maldives, manta,s and mossies!!!

Hello interweb old friend, it's your ex popping by for a cuppa to make sure your ok and maybe have a post breakup fumble and then swear it will never happen again.
I am currently sat outside my wee villa on the tiny island of Embudu just south of Male in the Indian Ocean.
It's been pissing it down all morning but is starting to brighten up. 30 degrees and humid.
Damn fine coffee in this place.
The island appears to be a favourite of the Germans but is currently about half the usual occupancy rate which is fine by me.
They do seem to take the piss out of themselves actually as I have seen towels with the word "reserved" written all over it. True to form I was up at 05.45 yesterday to go for a snorkel with Jono and Lou and the Germans already had taken over most of the loungers. Lol.
Pmsl, my phone spell checker thing has just suggested did I want to use the word "German" or "Herman".
Been bitten a few times by mossies that nearly took a limb to be honest. Reminded me of the monty python sketch.
Not seen any mantas yet but a few people have so fingers crossed.
The whole island is very low key and chilled out which is just what the doctor ordered. No tv, proper no news no shoes place.
The monsoon rains that hit everyday are something to behold, seriously looks like a hurricane with horizontal rain for ten minutes arrives out of nowhere then gone just as fast.
The staff are all very friendly and despite mass confusion on arrival in the restaurant due to Fi myself and Jono and Lou all wanting to sit together. " what, English people wanting to sit together and be sociable" lol.
The sand is proper soft and after day one I havnt even bothered with footwear it's great. Our room boy is a top laugh as well, he sits in the chair suspended from the tree outside our room swinging about wildly like a three year old till we emerge then jumps up and tries to be all professional.
Well the sun appears to be trying to make an entrance so I will put my clothes back on interweb and bid you a guilty feeling fair well:)

Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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