Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lay in, Noise and suffering from a mental illness!!!

Good afternoon interweb, although I fail to see what is so good about it apart from the fact that it isn’t raining.
I had planned to have a bit of a lay in this morning but the powers that be decided that this was not a good idea and made pretty damn sure that I would rise earlier than planned and suffer.
At around 07.00 hours the bin men joyfully came down the road making more noise than is really necessary at that hour of the day shouting at one another about the exploits of their relative bank holiday weekends and raising the level so that they could be heard through the ear protection equipment they were wearing.
The noise levels once again increased at both 07.20 and 07.45 hours when different car alarms decided to burst into song which started to raise my blood pressure just a little.
The arrival of the scaffolding to one of the neighbours houses 3 doors down at 08.05 hours did nothing to stem my ever increasing blood pressure and at 08.20 when the bus came down the road and couldn’t get past the scaffolder's waggon the driver decided to lean on his horn until they returned to move their waggon. Unfortunately for my lay in this took around a further 2 minutes of screaming from the bus horn.
Fi told me to breath at this point to help alleviate the building pressure.
At 08.35 the men from the council came marching down the road with the motorised grass cutters, again shouting very loudly at one another so they could be heard through the ear defenders they were wearing, this would not have been so bad had they not decided to stop outside our house and have a conversation although I use that word advisedly as they were simply shouting across the street at one another.
At 09.05 my lay in was brought to it’s conclusion by the arrival of the postman hammering on the door with a parcel for Fi.
Defeated I got up and made coffee and wandered into mission control to check on e-mails and start the week.
Being unable to log into my personal BT e-mail account (it had been hacked over the weekend but I had changed the password) I called BT, after 6 and a half minutes pressing option 123 or 4 I eventually got to speak to Brian form Milton Keynes although he sounded more like Asif from Deli to me and he informed me that because my e-mail address had been used to send out a lot of spam that they had disabled it. With not so much as a by your leave or call to me they had disabled my e-mail address.
Stressed Eric does not even come close, and so if the person who keeps sending me the text jokes by the bucket load doesn’t stop soon I will explode, really 2 or 3 will do.
I am currently deciding if it is safe or not to let me loose on an unsuspecting public or not, if you want to know how I deal with this sort of situation on a nearly daily basis I call it “suffering from a mental illness as there is no way I would manage if I was not, and so as I mull over the decision as to unleashing myself to the world I will leave you with some drivel, alcohol. Like a true friend, you replace the anger with better, louder anger and I have found over the years that love is like an exploding cigar we willingly smoke.
Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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