Friday, 11 May 2012

Gaming, Zombies and borderline mental case!!!

Good afternoon interweb and how are we today? As usual I will give you a quick weather update to keep things British, It is blowing a bloody gale out there today and is generally not the type of day to go outside and do much other than pick up the things that have blown over.
Had a total blast last night on MW3 with the EUK lot, about 18 or so in a private lobby for well over an hour playing all the different game types. New kill streaks have been decided, 15 kills gets you franread on your team for 1 minute, 5 deaths in a row get you bagsta69 on your team for a minute.
Played a few games in public lobbies after midnight on the new maps which are fantastic fun.
Blackops 2 is due out in November and I'm sure it will turn up with a zombie mode as well.
 This brings me round to the following information which you may or may not be aware of. If a zombie bit a human and turned them into a zombie and then this carried on, due to the fact that zombies multiply exponentially it would take a mere 38 days to turn the whole planet into a planet of zombies. I already have filed the film rights.
I am still at war with China at the moment due to some stupid bint called “Emma” who seems to think I came down with the last fall of leaves and have the IQ of a flip flop. Well “Emma”, I'm locked and loaded and ready to give you both barrels and a block of c4.
This lack of tolerance towards stupid people and practises and ways of doing things is beginning to manifest itself in some sort of borderline mental illness, according to Fi it is anyway.
We went to Tesco’s to pick up wine and spent over £50.00 so we got 5 pence off per litre of fuel so around I went to the Tesco petrol station.
Two of the pumps on the right hand side were empty so up I pulled, got out opened the tank and grabbed the filling thing.
 The pump then bleeped at me and gave me the option to pay at the pump.
But I didn’t want to pay at the pump as I had  voucher to redeem which you can’t do at the pump.
I pressed a few buttons as blokes do in these matters and it still simply beeped at me and gave me the option to pay at pump. My brow became furrowed and then a voice in a brummy accent came over the forecourt speaker informing me that that pump was pay at the pump only and to insert my card.
Insert my card? Ill insert my boot up your arse ya brummy twat.
Besides I wanted to redeem my voucher so I got back in the car and reversed up to the pump behind which was also a pay at the pump only pump. What is the fekking point in that, really?
So I did what any borderline mental patient would do, I got back in my car and drove off swearing to never let Tesco petrol stations ever have a penny of my money again, I informed Fi that I would rather shove live wasps up my arse than give them one bloody penny of my money ever again. It’s about 5 pence cheaper from Shell anyway and probably better quality so there.
I told you, borderline mental.
I really neeeeeeed this holiday.
Anyway I’m working till 01.00 hours tomorrow morning so that should keep me out of trouble, so here is some drivel, Just because you have done right, does not mean that you get to feel right and the metric system did not really catch on in the States, unless you count the increasing popularity of the nine-millimetre bullet.
Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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