Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Trucks, Ferries and change!!!

Good evening interweb, it has been a while since we have had a chat, just over a week in fact. A very interesting week as well and one in which I may well have exploded at any given point due to the complete absurdity of the whole time frame and the complete absurdity of the DVLA in Swansea and one smart arsed Welshman called Steven.
You see we have been on a wee trip to the Emerald Isle, up North near the Giants causeway to a little seaside town called Portrush. We have family there and decided to visit.
After setting off at some ungodly time on a Sunday morning we managed to reach the A57 Snake Pass where the Truck decided it was going to continue being a complete arsehole and start suffering from fuel starvation when going uphill. Hmmm, Snake pass, the name kind of indicates it is a hilly type of area and after much swearing cajoling and praying to the gods of all that is metal grease grime oil and mechanical engineering I somehow managed to coax the old girl over the summit.
After the decent down into Glossop she seemed to behave all the rest of the way to Liverpool where we boarded the Stenna line ferry to Belfast.
Well bloody hell, all life is aboard these ferries. Seriously, I honest to god think I discovered a living example of “the missing link” which has evaded top biologists for years. Who would have thought all they needed to do was to get on a ferry.
After alighting in Belfast a mind numbing 8 hours later to my surprise the Truck started on the first turn of the key.
My elation was to be short lived. After a problem free drive from the ferry terminal we began the climb out of Belfast heading for the Antrim coast.
Despite my heaviest boots to the floor tactics the Truck would not break 15 MPH as we climbed the M1 out of Belfast on the hard shoulder. This seemed to be OK till we had to cross a junction whereupon much swearing praying and hand gestures followed by frantic indication would occur till we had cleared the junction. Long journey short, I discovered the exact circumstances required to drive the vehicle in any semblance of normality after about 15 miles.
Just over 2000 revs in 4th gear at 50 miles per hour and you would not know anything was wrong with the old girl but it was becoming ever more apparent that she would not be going home with us unless Ireland possessed some of the finest Isuzu mechanics on the planet which apparently it does not.
Now I'm afraid interweb after leaving my blogging till this time I must leave you for another day as wine is calling so I will leave you with some drivel as is usual and pick up the story of my travels tomorrow and so with no further gilding of the lily,
I have discovered that the need for change has  bulldozed a road down the centre of my mind which has brought me to the conclusion that all God's children are not beautiful, physically as well as mentally and some just really know how to push your buttons.
Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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