Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Nurses, Dara and Venus!!!

Good evening interweb, It has been a few days since we last had a chat. In general my demeanour has not improved much. A bit like the lag on MW3, there are all these promises of fixes etc but nothing really materialises.
This morning it took all my effort to gnaw through the leather straps that the nurses had so kindly tied rather tight before leaving last night.
Speaking of last night I watched a new TV show called “Dara o'Briain school of hard sums” It is unsurprisingly hosted by Dara himself a very funny and very intelligent man.
It was however I feel a little patronising. The problems that were posed were really not that difficult to solve but I guess if it gets people to use their brains (no pun intended) a little more than they usually would it cannot be a bad thing. Plus it was entertaining anyway.
 Fi usually asks across the room “well then smart arse, whats the answer?”  and God bless her she still to this day seems genuinely surprised that I know the answer. I know I behave like an idiot but I've been living with her for around 17 years, she of all people should know that despite all the names people call me, I am not actually retarded unlike some of the human lab rats I have had to deal with recently.
People often call me a cynic and I guess I am but you know cynicism is only an unpleasant way of saying the truth and by delivering the truth in a cynical manner people may actually take in what is said.
OK enough of my innate rambling and on to some stuff that I find interesting even if you don’t.
The night sky, tonight from where I am currently located I will be able to see fuck all due to a grey leaden sky stretching to the horizon but if there were no cloud cover what would I be able to peruse this evening whilst trying to take photographs and sipping vast quantities of red wine.
Well the two brightest objects in the night sky would be Venus and Jupiter, Venus the second planet out from the sun is usually visible from before dusk till well late in the evening depending on how much wine you have consumed. 

The bright planet beneath Venus would be Jupiter, also visible from early evening till fall over time.
After sunset Venus becomes a very bright object in the night sky slowly setting to the North West and is actually the third brightest object in our night sky after the sun and the moon.
This is due to how it is made up of a thick dense atmosphere and the sulphuric acid clouds reflect light almost like a mirror.
Venus is roughly the same mass and size as planet Earth but it has experienced a runaway greenhouse gas effect, this in turn has made the temperature hot enough to melt lead.
I posted some photographs of Venus and Jupiter in close conjunction not too long ago and it was on March the 13th that they were the closest in the night sky when they were separated by a mere two degrees.
So if you want to take a look at or even photograph Venus you will have until about the end of May before it will no longer be visible for a while.
Right then, now for some drivel, Don't use a big word where a diminutive one will suffice and if all else fails, immortality can always be assured by spectacular error.

Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

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