Sunday, 22 April 2012

Mining asteroids, pong and sunsets!!!

Good evening interweb, and a very strange one it is, black sky as far as the horizon on one side of chateaux bagsta whilst on the other glorious sunshine!!!!!.
I was working till midnight last night and up by 06.30 hours and down the gym, damned this self hypnosis stuff. My unconscious mind has decided to get me up at stupid o’clock in an attempt to make me healthier and whilst I’m still half asleep it drives me to the gym and before I know it I wake up on a bloody treadmill.
Right then, enough about nothing in particular, it has come to my attention that the giants of cyberspace Larry Page and Eric Shmidt, who created Google are now on track for a new kind of domination and this time it isn’t just cyberspace.
It is in fact actual space. I don’t mean that area of particles surrounding you but actual space out there in the universe.
To cut a long story very short they plan to mine asteroids. There are numerous other financially well stacked individuals that are also staking a claim early on in this venture and it does make me wonder if the Bavarian Illuminati actually do exist.
The plan involves using a robotic spaceship flying off to near Earth asteroids capturing them and then bringing them into an orbit around the Moon.
Does anybody else see the inherent dangers in such a thing or am I just paranoid by having watched too many disaster movies involving asteroids hitting earth.
If it works then the gains would be enormous with minerals and metals that could be mined to help in further space exploration but as I have said before I am a bit sceptical of such ventures.
Whilst on the subject of breakthrough things in general could we all please take a moment to remember the Telstar computer gaming system. “PONG”. The start of and forerunner to our Next Gen Consoles, PS3 Shitbox please fix me et al.
It was not long before this system led the way to arcade games such as pac man, space invaders, galaxians and asteroids. All very simple graphically but the start of a generation transfixed and hooked on gaming.

If it were not for these forerunners of the gaming industry we would not be able to experience the horrendous lag that is COD MW2 or Halo or GT5 in glorious 1080 HD resolution blowing the shit out of your mates or running them off the racing line with such spectacular effects.
And as if these wonderful forerunners were not enough 30 years to the day tomorrow will mark the birth of Clive Sinclaire’s ZX Spectrum which would allow anybody with the will to try to programme for the first time.
This would usually mean using the words run, edit, list and go to commands to make your name scroll down the screen ad infinitum.
Speaking of gaming I had a few clan matches with a new clan Friday night and some of the players are pretty damn awesome if I’m honest. We ended up 1523rd out of 29024 clans who took part and as Lou said “you really need to have a holiday”.
Well Lou was right, I do and hopefully by Thursday of this week we will have worked out if we can afford to join her and Jono in the Maldives for a bit of a reunion and hunt for Manta rays.
Right then interweb enough of my ramblings, here is some drivel,
Important days don't look like anything special when they start.
Invariably, the sunrises and people wake up.
Coffee is swilled and eggs are swallowed. Everybody goes about the business of acting like their lives matter and then, no matter how important the events of the day end up being, the sun invariably sets.
The sun rose before the soldiers stormed Omaha Beach on D-Day, and the sun set after Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed.
The sun rose the morning the twin towers were felled and the sun set the same evening, Sunrises and sunsets are real jerks about putting things in perspective.

Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

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