Monday, 9 April 2012

Fish, 4x4's and MI6

Good evening interweb, I may well get disturbed during this blog to go and pick up my little piranha fish so apologies for that.
If I do I may not get to finish this till tomorrow so if your reading this tomorrow well you know why. Now I'm all confused as tomorrow never comes so this could be the start of a paradox but that would make my head hurt as well as my knee.
My knee hurts because I smashed an Easter egg over it to break it into smaller pieces.
Ordinarily this would not be a problem as the chocolate is so thin that it breaks easily.
It appears that this year they are a little thicker.
At least I didn’t do what Bev did and try smashing it over his head  nearly concussing himself. Oh how I laughed at that one.
If I do get disturbed I will be going to pick Fi up in our new Jeep Cherokee which I have been living with for just over a week now and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised by it and it’s capabilities.
I have been driving 4x4 vehicles for around 18 years now of differing varieties including Land Rover and Isuzu plus others.
This thing actually performs better than any of my previous vehicles in the snow and off road. On road it has much better manners than any of the others but you wont win any races with it.
It ain't exactly quick but I can live with that.
I finally understand the t-shirts that claim “you wouldn’t understand it’s a Jeep thing” and I guess it is. It’s kinda the same thing I expect owners of VW beetles to feel.
Anyway enough about my fondness for lumps of metal.
Do you know who killed Rasputin? It was probably MI6 actually.
There are many theories and stories of how Rasputin met his grisly end but you will have to wait till tomorrow to hear them now as my little piranha fish is calling.
So if tomorrow ever comes I will see you then,
Peace out y'all, THEBAGSTAXXX

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