Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Sun spots, behaviour and alternate timelines!!!

Good afternoon interweb, I trust one is well on this rather blustery afternoon.
I would like to cast one’s mind back to the end of March last year and the sun spots that I photographed.
 I'm not sure if I blogged about it at the time but I did post some photographs up on Facespace I think.
I have mentioned before about the increase in Solar activity over recent years and about its effect on planet Earth. Some may have dismissed my ramblings as just that "ramblings".
The reason I am bringing this up is that the BBC decided to put on an hour long show last night on the subject that explained very clearly the dangers that these beautiful phenomena pose to mankind. (You can watch it on BBC iplayer till the 17th)
The bigger sun spots like the photograph below that I took using a 400mm lens are visible with the naked eye from Earth, that said I would not advocate in anyway looking at the sun even at sunset. You may be safe with a #14 welding mask but I would advice caution as you can seriously damage your eye sight or if using lenses could even set fire to yourself as the light is focused onto a point. (remember burning ants as a child with a magnifying glass? Or was that just the start of my behavioural abnormalities?)
One of the problems of sun spots is that they are capable of releasing huge solar flares which if the collide with Earth have the ability to wipe out electrical equipment including power stations satellite systems GPS units and have been known to have done this on several occasions in the past, the last occurrence in Quebec in 1989. Several smaller flares have caused problems since but none on quite that scale.
That one produced aurora that were visible as far south as Texas and as it was still during the time of the cold war many people were panicked into thinking that a nuclear device had gone off.
In other news I am without Truck AGAIN! It is in need of another £300.00 worth of work to keep it roadworthy.
So it is at the moment that I am back to banging my head off the roof of mothers Fiat idea. Ive got an idea, why not make a car with a bit more headroom?
On the gaming front I have prestiged again and tried to do a bit of ranking up last night but with Bev at work Maria’s mic not working and Hudge unable to switch his on I decided after been thrown into the 4th or 5th lobby of Frenchies that I would have some cheese and biscuits, must have been the subliminal effect of all the “Je suis français et je pue de l'ail, je vais vous tuer avec mon souffle irrésistible!”
Oh and the connections sucked as well, despite the problems I managed level 16 in 8 games of kc.
And now for the drivel of the day, “Destiny is for people who are too lazy to create alternate timelines and those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.”
Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

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