Monday, 27 February 2012

Sympathy, physics and snot!!!!

Good afternoon interweb, I now have full blown man flu.
Actually it is a cold but the annoying gits that insist on calling it man flu will not let it lie despite me informing them it is a cold it all falls on deaf ears.
 I have not asked for one bit of sympathy from anybody and it is doubtless that I should receive it if I did so I don’t bother. Which is why I find it very irritating when people usually of the female variety say “OHHHH have you got man flu?” They seem a little taken aback by my reply that “no I have not it is a cold so fuck off with your patronising remarks you useless waste of flesh”.
That aside as Im sure you can see interweb having a cold has not lessened my acidic tongue however I will refrain from overindulgence of this past time to attempt to bring to you a simplified version of the space time continuum. Sort of a physics lesson for people who don’t like physics.
Right then, here we go.
Space time continuum is a mathematical method/model that allows us to combine space and time into a single thing. This thing is explained by saying that space has three dimensions and that time is measured in the fourth dimension.
So now that we know that we have three dimensions of space and one dimension of time we can combine this information into a single “thing” which has allowed scientists to describe a much more uniform and simplistic way of how the universe works on both a sub atomic level and a super galactic level.
Where there is any substantial amount of matter hanging about in the universe this changes the geometry of spacetime, This change in geometry is what we call gravity.
looking at the picture the lines do not represent the curvature of space, but instead represent the coordinate system imposed on the curved spacetime which would be rectilinear(straight and uncurved) in a flat spacetime.

In classical mechanics, the use of spacetime over Euclidean space is optional, as time is independent of mechanical motion in three dimensions. In relativistic contexts, however, time cannot be separated from the three dimensions of space as it depends on an object's velocity relative to the speed of light.
Right then, im sure that that is clear as mud but you try explaining it.
Now then due to ill health I am cutting this blog post short due to explosions of snot flying around the office which will need to be cleaned up so I will leave you with this thought. Man is never lost, at worst he is locationally challenged.
Peace out Y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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