Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Parking, democracy and torture!!!!

Good afternoon interweb and what another dull drab shite day it is outside my office window.
Leaden grey skies as far as the eye can see accompanied by a howling gale and rain. I had to get up early this morning (again) to go into town for a photo shoot with a firm of solicitors. All very pleasant people actually and after taking sanctuary from the weather in the Winter Gardens we got some nice publicity shots.
I was somewhat disgruntled about having to pay £4.65 to park though. That’s another thing that pisses me right off, what’s with the 0.65 pence thing? I’ll tell you what it is it’s because not that many people carry 5 pence pieces with them so they have to round it up to the next ten pence the thieving bastards.
You know it has come to my attention that religious people be they Muslim, Christian, Jew, Punk, Goth whatever floats they’re religious boat, are a bloody pain in the ass.
 If they can’t prey at a given designated time or wear a certain type of clothing in a certain situation they cry foul or racist. Well listen up losers, it’s nothing to do with your religion, or your dress sense it’s to do with the fact that in the UK we live in a democracy and it appears that you have confused a war on your religion, cult fashion sense or beliefs with “not always getting what you want”. So grow up.
Yes interweb if you havn’t noticed I am having a grumpy moment. I think it’s to do with two early morning starts in a row.
Anyway I really shouldn’t be so grumpy and should count my blessings.
I reported on numerous occasions last year on the Arab uprising and the problems that are befalling the middle east at the moment. I also predicted that these problems would get worse. They are getting worse, Syria is at the moment an absolute hell hole of breaches of human rights and the mad dog that is in charge of Iran is frothing at the mouth rattling his sabres and subtly threatening the West with his nuclear ambitions.
I'm sure at some point Syria will be held accountable for the atrocities that are been committed there in the name of peace.
I will recall for you a few pieces of torture that a young Syrian man had to endure, held in a metal box for seven days without food and very little water, blind-folded and beaten when he was eventually released from the box he was put into a room 1 metre high and made to stand bent double for another seven days before his interrogations began.
He was given 50 lashes with a metal cable in the morning and after questioning given another 50.
Another day he was suspended from a ceiling and had his blindfold removed. Before him were two young girls who had also been demonstrating, they were religious girls who would normally cover up and wear a veil. They had been strung up, stripped naked except for a blindfold and beaten.
He was told that if he did not talk then his mother and sister would be brought in and the same would be done to them in front of him.
So you see interweb my frustration with people who live in a democracy such as ours who piss and moan because they can’t wear certain clothing in certain situations or it is frowned upon that they should wear their choice of fashion accessories in certain situations or pray when it’s not convenient too and then cry and whinge about it.
This brings me to my own choice of having long hair. In modern society it is not the norm anymore for men to wear their hair long but despite Fi actually liking my hair long I kinda think it’s all a bit Bohemian so wear it long anyway.
I have had women come up to me and say “I don’t like men with long hair”  Well I'm sure you can imagine interweb the level of restraint I have had to show to refrain from saying “I don’t like butt ugly fucking mingers but you don’t hear me going on about it do you”.
Anyway interweb I suppose I better go and do something so let me leave you with this thought, most of the people who really believe in themselves are all in lunatic asylums, Not all are, but most!
Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

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