Sunday, 5 February 2012

Grumpy badgers, snow and friends!!!

Good afternoon interweb, and a crisp bright afternoon it is indeed. You know as I go through life and hair springs forth from places there really is no need to have hair in modern society, I can’t help but wonder that as I grow older will I get accused of things I never did, and later, credited for virtues and things I never had or did?
Probably not, actually I believe I will be accused of been a grumpy old badger and guilty as charged your honour. 

One thing I do know is that despite a lifetime of working with pretty ladies I have noticed that women are still running through my mind on a regular basis, none of them dare walk or stop a while they run as only women can.
Well it finally snowed on Sheffield for most of the day yesterday and well into the evening. This caused minor panic in my surrounding area.
You see I havn’t got the Truck back yet which is becoming very tiresome and so thought better of travelling too far in mama’s fiat but I needed to put the lottery on. For some strange reason I felt lucky, well see what feelings did, that's right I won fuck all and so henceforth I will remove feelings from my life all together, sod em.
That aside I drove down the road to the newspaper shop to waste my money on a losing ticket. Well my goodness, anybody would have thought that we never have snow. The road was a total clusterfuck as people slid into walls and sat spinning their wheels in the belief that it would somehow get them up the hill if they floored it.
To add to my growing frustration the owner of the shop had shut early, due to snow. The retard only lives 100 yards away around the corner. Wanker.
So I had to turn around and negotiate my way past the morons still spinning their wheels as fast as they could and travel up more hills to get to bents green where panic had not set in and I could purchase my little piece of hope.
In other news I got a fair few games of MW3 in over the last couple of nights, however gaming till 3 and 4 AM does make me irritable a bit the next day. I'm 42 you know.
 Managed to prestige again so lost all my favourite toys but it is fun running around with an ak47 or g36c like a maniac instead having a more measured approach. Had some games with Bev, Maria, fox, Johnny mac and Hudge to name a few and rant about connections etc and rage quit and piss and moan but a top laugh all the same.
Right then interweb, I'm off and so to the drivel for today, “To be alone is to be different, to be different is to be alone, and true friends are those who really know you but love you anyway.
Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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