Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Exploding, Rugby and Monkeyboy!!!

Hello interweb, How are we today? I am very close to exploding in a ball of frustration,  exasperation , snot, blood and a few other phrases ending in tion.
I am currently sat in my office with Sade who is trying to lower my blood pressure by crooning at me in the only way she can, and I thank her for that.
For 3 weeks now I have been without a functioning Truck, well it functions but only on 3 cylinders. This is caused by a blocked injector. I know this because I have done tests myself and checks and tried many other things including searching the Isuzu forums which are awash with this problem.
Why then might you think it takes this long to repair. Well nobody wants to touch it in case it isn’t the injectors. They can put it on a machine which tells them which cylinder has the misfire but then it could be one of around five things. Because the machine wont tell them exactly why it having a misfire they are unwilling to begin any work. So I have eventually  called out the AA who said they cant find anything wrong with it, despite it sounding like VW Beetle from the sixties when it should be a 3 Litre TDI and go like a rocket whilst destroying .planets. 
It has now gone in to an AA approved repairer for them to have a look.
Honestly falling over and smashing my face in on a concrete step would be more pleasurable than having to deal with these people.
Having taken the Truck into the city centre for repair I have had to do something no human being should ever have to do and that is catch a bus.
The bloody thing kept stopping and letting common people on who talked very loudly on their mobile  phones , that was until I fired up my mobile phone signal jammer, ah peace at last.
Well that didn’t last long, the bloody bus decided to drop the guts out of it’s gear box all over the road. I swear to whatever holy thing there is up there having a laugh at my expense your fucking card has been marked mate.
Anyway interweb to the weekend, It was the start of the Six Nations and I had the weekend off so could watch all the games, the best of which was Ireland vs Wales. A cracking game of rugby right up to the final whistle.
It was nice that a very inexperienced England team got a win under their belts as well beating Scotland, It was also nice to not see all the errors that previous England teams have been so good at doing giving away penalties.
One thing I find strange is the fact that nearly everybody wants the England rugby team to lose. I guess it should be taken as a bit of a complement that people feel they are the team to beat.
Even football fans (English ones) want the rugby team to fail. Probably because the England football team are so dire in international competitions.
I mean what has football become? You only have to look at the game between Manchester United and Chelsea on Sunday to see what the game of football has become. I can see the bulbous nosed manager now at half time, “right lads were 3 0 down so either pass the ball to monkeyboy or run into the box and fall over”. That is pretty much what football is these days, a game where players run into the box and fall over.
In other news it has come to my attention that the Catholic faith is very crafty.

Did you know that the Vatican city holds the lowest age of consent than anywhere else in the world with it standing at the age of 12. FFS, 12 years old. Those catholic priests are not stupid you know. It also has the highest crime rate than anywhere else on earth for it’s population.
Anyway interweb after typing this and listening to Sade I am somewhat calmer than I was, not sure how long it will last but fingers crossed.
So now this brings me to the drivel for today, “Battle not with monsters, lest you become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you, and remember this, The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.
Peace out Yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

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