Sunday, 26 February 2012

Cold, doors and vegetarians!!!

Bollocks!!! Hello interweb, Ive woken up with a cold this morning, Ive had the sniffles and the starting symptoms for about a week trying to not get one but this morning I have a cold, did I say Bollocks?
I had one in Decemberish and it took over a bloody month to get rid of and now I have another one. Bollocks.
Work was busy last night and whilst I was zooming around the city most other people I know were watching the rugby in bars getting drunk.
I listened to the game on 5 live and it sounded a very good game to be honest. England by all accounts did themselves proud against a battle hardened seasoned Welsh side.
I was going to go online for a few games after work but couldn’t be arsed so I just watched some stand up comedy shows for a couple of hours.
I have come to the conclusion after many years of study that people are a bit weird. Some people laugh at science fiction yet blindly believe the weather forecast and economists, although the latter of those two I think will be finding it a lot harder finding anybody to believe them of late.
Whilst out with a doctor last night I was quite amazed that she genuinely was interested in my knowledge of the universe and after regaling her with facts about Betelgeuse (Betelgeuse) she actually asked me to point out where in the sky it was. Another human being actually interested in something that I had to say. I must confess to still been in shock as most people tend to get that glazed look in their eyes after about 20 seconds. Jupiter was very bright last night and almost lined up with the newish moon just after dark.
The doctor didn’t appear to be annoyed either by my questioning of why the fairer sex seem to lose all ability to close a door of any kind quietly after they have had children. Seriously, I have studied this phenomenon at work in the staff room.
Childless female walks into staff room to make a cuppa. Opens cupboard door, removes mug and tea bag, closes door makes tea. Removes tea bag from mug puts foot on pedal bin so lid opens, drops tea bag in bin and lowers lid without so much of a show.
Now in comparison we have the mothers, door flies open and dirty cups are flung into dish washer, draw is slammed shut and cupboard door opened. Mug and tea bag removed door is slammed shut and the after dropping tea bag into bin after use the pedal isn’t lightly raised, no the foot is cleanly removed from the pedal allowing the wrought iron lid to slam shut with an ear drum shattering clang of 130 decibels, I know this as I have a decibel metre on my iphone. That raises a whole world of more questions but we will leave that subject for another day.
The doctor was unable to answer my question as to why this occurs but later when she appeared in the staff room to make a drink did look at me as she closed the door ever so quietly and smiled as if seeking approval.
In other news I have a friend who has decided to become a vegetarian, I tried explaining that we have incisors for a reason but he would have none of it. Wait till he starts leaning towards the sun every time he stands still, that will show him.
Right then interweb I have only two more things to say to you today and they are, The world is round, it has no point and you must assert your right to make a few mistakes. If people can't accept your imperfections, that's their fault.

Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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