Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Weather, cat flaps and prism's!!!

Good evening interweb and Happy New Year to you.
The dawning of a new year has not improved the weather at all and it is currently gusting up to 70 mph outside my office window and pissing it down.
I worked new years eve and finished at midnight to go and pick Fi up from the pub, hmmm, it was very nice of them to offer to pay for me to get a taxi home so that I could have a drink but it didn’t seem worth it to be honest, Id have never caught them up but it did appear that a great time was had by all through the bits I could understand. I made up for it when I got home and on New Years day as well.
Right then, my mind often wanders and wonders about many things, some of which end up getting me into all kinds of trouble but I think that this is a good thing.
It usually occurs when I have to solve a particular problem of some sort and this has happened to many people over the years, many of them a damn site smarter than I am as well.
Take Newton for instance, did you know that he invented the cat flap? Well he did, you see he was working away in a darkened room with a prism trying to sort out how shafts of light separate into different colours when they go through a prism but his cat kept nudging the door open thus letting in far too much light and ruining the experiment.

As Newton was very fond of his cat and his cat was very fond of being around him he decided to try and find a solution to the problem and hey presto the cat flap was brought into existence.
Dirk Gently hollistic detective once had it pointed out to him that he also had something to do with gravity, to which Dirk replied yes, but that was always there to be discovered and dropped a pencil to prove that it also worked on weekends.
So the cat flap was invented by Newton, this door within a door also proved Newtons third law of motion as it acts like a pendulum proving that every action has an equal and opposite re-action.
However we must not put too much confidence in Newton’s genius as when his cat had kittens he made smaller cat flaps for them even though the existing larger one would have sufficed. Strange people these thinkers.
Anyway it’s about this time in proceeding I spout some drivel that is supposed to make you think a bit but I’m probably totally misunderstood but to hell with it,
“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought,”

Peace out yall THE BAGSTAXXX

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