Thursday, 26 January 2012

Stars above, stuff and curiosity!!!

Good afternoon interweb, still no Truck. DOH!,
However this has prevented me from meandering around the country taking photographs and meant that I have to stay indoors and do a bit of research into what I can photograph when I get the Truck back.
I have been wanting to have a trip out towards Ladybower one evening to get some more shots of the night sky with as little light pollution as possible.
This has led me to have a look at what astronomical delights 2012 has in store for us.
So fellow star gazers get your diary and put these in it.
The only bright easily visible comet that is predicted for 2012 is the comet Garradd, It will be visible between Mid February through to March and can be found high in the northern sky for observers at mid-northern latitudes. You should be able to see it all night with a set of binoculars.

March 13th will bring Venus and Jupiter in to very close conjunction, they will be around 3 degrees apart in the Western sky and as the two brightest things in the sky from twilight should make for a good viewing and on the 25th 26th they will be joined by the crescent moon.
If you live state side you can see an annular eclipse of the sun on May 20th, The eclipse path crosses Oregon-California border, Nevada and much of the western U.S of A
June the 5th is looking very promising as it is the date for the transit of Venus. A very rare event. Venus will appear as a small black disk as it passes in front of the Sun. Some care must be taken when looking at this as it will occur State side mid to late afternoon and care must be taken when looking towards the sun.
August 12-13 Perseid Meteor Shower will grace our skies once again and joined by a waning crescent moon you should be able to observe around 60 meteors an hour.
And as we move towards Christmas is it a bird?, is it a plane?, is it Santa? Nope its
Geminid Meteor Shower which will be visible December 13-14, with no moon if the sky is clear expect to see around 100 meteors an hour belting across the sky overhead.
So there you have just a few things to look skyward too in the coming months.
I am fully aware that other things may well happen as the universe is such a vast unpredictable thing,
The world could well end as a final huzzah to our existence but I very much doubt it.
The world or which ever greater power exists has not had anywhere near enough fun at my expense yet.
I will undoubtedly attempt to be less grumpy failing miserably and generally become ever more belligerent and so it is that I leave you with today's drivel,
“Life is about the experience and of not being passive. If something so excites my curiosity, I want to go there, be a part of whatever it is that's either pushing me or pulling me toward it. That desire for experience has made me very rich in life experience, if not in the wallet department.”
Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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